The Amazing Math Race in June – Grade Leads needed!

Our largest parent-led STEM program at Runnymede is The Amazing Math Race – a half-day, hands-on math activity for students in grades 1 – 4. The Amazing Math Race runs during the school day in the last half of June.

As a Grade Lead, you’d be working with 1 or 2 other parents to:

  • Ensure all materials are ready for your grade
  • Help recruit parents to lead individual challenges at the event
  • Liaise with teachers
  • Be onsite the day of the event to ensure things run smoothly

Being a Grade Lead is a great opportunity to help students engage in FUN math. It’s also a chance to connect with a great group of parents, as well as teachers across French and English programs.


If you’d like to help out as a Grade Lead for the 2017-2018 Amazing Math Race, please email with:

  • Your Name:
  • Your Child(ren)’s Grade(s):
  • Your Child(ren)’s Teacher(s):
  • Your preferred grade to help with (if applicable):

If you’re unable to help as a Grade Lead but would like to assist with STEM initiatives, please let us know. New committee members and ideas are always welcome!