The Centennial Playground Project

To commemorate the school’s Centennial, Parent Council has embarked on a special fundraising project to improve the front yard of the school – The Centennial Playground Project.

The Centennial Playground construction began Summer 2016 and will be complete by Fall 2017.

The Centennial Playground Phase 2 construction will be completed over the summer and ready for the students to enjoy in September! The work will include lots of enhancements to the paved area, including painted games and a ball-wall, as well as an installation to recognize Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze donors.

Here are the updated plans:2016-03-30_RUNNYMEDE_REVISED MASTER PLAN

There were a few modifications to the original concept design, based on feedback from teaching staff, parents and students.  These changes include:

  • The basketball area will remain in its current formation as 2 full courts.
  • As a result, the play structure area has been relocated to the south side of the yard, near the raised beds.
  • We have added additional pavement games to the design

The TDSB conducted a tender process and received 5 competitive bids for the play structures.  The Kompan Robinia line was selected from these bids. This is the line that was illustrated in the original concept plans and the play structure equipment has been selected.Kompan final_3D

The Centennial Playground will feature the many different “play zones” that were part of the original leading-edge design:

  • An “Active Zone” that is provided by the artificial turf field/track installed by the TDSB1.  The area provides space for soccer, baseball, running, cartwheels and more
  • A “Climbing Zone” with Parkour-style playground climbing structures
  • A “Basketball Zone” with brightly painted full basketball courts
  • A “Wall-ball Zone” with bright targets painted on a building wall where kids can practice their throwing and catching skills
  • A “Games Zone” that includes two triple hoop games and a variety of brightly painted schoolyard games; four square, tic-tac-toe, hopscotch and a 100 chart
  • A “Fun Trail” of painted circles that lead children throughout the entire new playground space
  • “Quiet Zones” within the Centennial Grove of trees with a picnic table and seating boulders with engraved game boards, along with added benches for seating including a Buddy Bench.

The plan incorporates leading-edge playground design with many different types of active play zones that will benefit the varying ages of students and the different modes of play that our kids have.

Thank you again to the Runnymede community members who generously donated to this amazing project for our school!  The investment you made in your children, your school, your community and play has made this possible!

1 The artificial turf/track area was paid for by TDSB and the Centennial Playground area is being paid for with fundraising dollars.