Shows and Programs (French)

es  also available in English!

The show teaches kids about STEM fields through the adventures of Anne, a brilliant 11 year-old girl, her friends (including 3 androids that she built herself). 

Originally English program, overdubbed in French.

Target age:  6 – 12

C’est Wow

C’est Wow is a zany show about geometry and math, filled with humorous sketches, songs and special effects.  This is the original, French version of the TVO program Look Kool.  Host Jean-François and his friend Rob-Cat, show their audience how geometry is all around us from frisbees to ice-cream cones.  In each episode, children help Jean-François to solve a mathematical enigma. 

Original French-language program.

Target ages: 6 – 10

Le Monde est Petit

5-minute shorts, designed to inform students about current events, often involving science or social studies. 

Original French-language program.

Target age: 6 – 10

Organisation Super Insolite also available in English!

Secret Agents investigate acts of ‘oddness’ in their town and save the day using indirect reasoning and math. 

Note:  There is also a full-length Odd-Squad movie that can be streamed from the website. 

Originally English program, overdubbed in French.

Target age: 5 – 9

Science ou Magie

Just as the name suggest, magician Daniel Coutu and his assistant Yannick Bergeron (Les Débrouillards magazine) investigate the science of magic and the magic of science. 

Original French-language program.

Target age: 6-10

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Wild Kratts also available in English!

A live-action / animated series created by Chris and Martin Kratt (Zoboomafoo) to help teach children about biology, ecology and zoology. 

Target age: 4-10