The Family STEM Challenge

Are you feeling that you may run out of activities over the break? Why not participate in Runnymede’s holiday STEM challenge?

Gumdrop Christmas Tree Challenge | Mombrite

Materials needed for the challenge:

-Soft candy or marshmallows or cubes of cheese or fruit (anything that will hold to a toothpick)

How the challenge works:

Start by attaching pieces of candy to toothpicks and build your structures through trial and error. Kids will use logic and creativity to combine the toothpicks and candy in a way to build the structure they have envisioned- tall or wide or a CN Tower prototype- there are lots of options.

Who will have the tallest or sturdiest tower? How much weight can your structure hold? Can your family recreate a famous landmark? Send your photos and anecdotes to and we will post them to share with the Runnymede community.

Grab your candy and toothpicks and have some fun! 

Happy Holidays from the STEM Committee!