Questions and Answers

Q. What will my child do all day?

A. The kindergarten program is specifically designed to develop children’s skills and abilities through inquiry and play-based learning.

What does that mean?  Well, your child may spend some time learning about balance and structure playing with blocks and then move on to an art centre where he / she will develop the fine motor skills needed for writing.  Your child may go for a walk through our nature garden with their class, discussing the seasonal changes that they see.  Back inside, your child may investigate floating and sinking objects at a water table and then play a shape sorting game before reading stories about this month’s unit – community helpers.  Each week there will be wonderful new activities lead by your child’s teachers and planned with specific skill-development and learning outcomes in mind.  To your child is may seem like play, but don’t be fooled.  There is A LOT of learning going on in kindergarten.

A curriculum night will be scheduled in September where Teachers will introduce themselves, their classrooms and their specific programming to parents.

In the interim, you can find more information on Runnymede’s kindergarten programming from the Runnymede school website.

Q. Will there be nap time?

A. The short version is no, though there are quiet times during the day when students will be engaged in more relaxing activities.  As your child gets used to the school environment, they will adjust to the daily routine.

Q. Will teachers remind my child to go to the washroom?

A. Yes.  Children are encouraged to listen to their bodies and go to the bathroom when they need to but regular toileting and hand washing are certainly part of the kindergarten routine.  That said children MUST be toilet trained before they go to kindergarten.  No diapers or pull-ups are allowed.  Moreover, children need to be independent in the washroom; teachers do NOT help in the washroom.

Though Teachers and ECEs will give reminders throughout the day, it is a good idea to make sure your child has a spare set of clean clothes at school in case of accidents.

Q. Is there a before and after school care at Runnymede?

A. Runnymede is pleased to share space with a 12 month on-site child care program.  For more information about before and after school care, see the Runnymede Adventure Club website.

Q. Is there staggered entry for Kindergarten students during the first week of school?

A. No.  Staggered entry stopped when Full-Day Kindergarted started in the TDSB.  All students JK – Grade 8 will start school on the Tuesday after Labour Day.