The sky’s the limit!


Though school has just started, Runnymede’s two competitive FLL Robotics teams are already working hard on this year’s challenge, Into Orbit!

Last season both teams had excellent results. At the First Lego League (FLL) qualifying tournament, the Electric Lions won Best Project and the Cyberbolts won the Champion’s Award, moving them to the Provincial Championships!

Teams competed against 33 other TDSB teams in Robot game, Project and Core Values (professional respect and teamwork) categories. Teams are expected to be balanced in all three areas, so benefit from a wide range of team members skills, including writing, research, presentation, 3D building, and accountability.

2017-2018 Runnymede Cyberbolts

The Cyberbolts had fun at FLL’s Ontario championships and had judging callbacks (were considered for awards) in two categories. They were lucky enough to be one of the few teams who walked away with the coveted gold cup, winning the award for Gracious Professionalism.


wtcs-crestRunnymede Robotics would like to say thank you to the teachers who made their competitive teams possible last  year:  Ms. Moldawa and Mr. Shteiman from Runnymede and Mr. Wang, teacher at Western Technical-Commercial School and lead Mentor for WTCS’s Warp 7 Robotics Team. Thanks also to WTCS‘s Principal Pang for her gracious support. We are lucky to have WTCS as our neighbour.

We would also like to thank Head Coach Susan Armstrong as well as Coaches Tasha Balla-Boudreau, Stuart Hutchinson, Erin Meana and Steve Thoms for their support.

Check out some of the incredible research our Runnymede teams have done by visiting the team’s website .  Here you can find out about our projects as well as helpful hints on LEGO building, programming and crazy STEM fun!

Interested in learning programming at home? Check out the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s site SCRATCH. This site encourages kids to program using blocks of code that they connect to make scripts. They can “see inside” the programs of posted games and learn from others, or follow the tutorials provided.