Shows and Programs (English)

Annedroids  also available in French!

The show teaches kids about STEM fields through the adventures of Anne, a brilliant 11 year-old girl, her friends (including 3 androids that she built herself). 

Target age:  6 – 12

Look Kool  also available in French!

Host Hamza, teaches kids about Math and geometry with sketches, songs and loads of fun.  The original version of this show, C’est Wow, is produced in French and still available from the link above.

Target age: 6 – 9

Odd Squad also available in French!

Secret Agents investigate acts of ‘oddness’ in their town and save the day using indirect reasoning and math. 

Note:  There is also a full-length Odd-Squad movie that can be streamed from the website. 

Target age: 5 – 9

Science Max: Experiments at Large  

Host Phil, takes table top experiments and Maxes them out creating outrageous fun while teaching valuable science. 

Target age: 6 – 12

Sid the Science Kid                                          

A CGI animated series about an inquisitive youngster and his friends discovering basic science ideas and principles. 

Target age: 3 – 8

Wild Kratts also available in French!

A live-action / animated series created by Chris and Martin Kratt (Zoboomafoo) to help teach children about biology, ecology and zoology. 

Target Age: 4 – 10