Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Learning Committee

About the STEM committee: The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Learning Committee is a group of parents interested in helping to enrich Runnymede through hands-on science, mathematics and technology opportunities that focus on the reinforcement of the mathematics and science curricula. If you would like to join or help, please email the STEM Committee.

In the past our activities have included:

  • Creating hands-on science “kits” and procuring science manipulatives for kindergarten – grade 8 students
  • Running fun, in-class math activities for kindergarten students
  • Running the MATH Amazing Race for grade 1 to grade 3 students
  • Sourcing math manipulatives for all grade levels, to make math more hands-on and fun
  • Dispatching a team of parents to assist in the installation of school technology and to make sure all computer systems are up and running for immediate, in-class use
  • Sourcing additional funding and instructional support for in-school technology as well as STEM subjects

STEM Activities During the Month of June

June is a busy month for students at Runnymede, with hands-on STEM (Science, Technology,Engineering & Math) learning going on both inside and outside of the classroom.  Here is what you can expect for your child:

Junior students will be participating in a variety of STEM Enrichment programming at Runnymede, including Future Goals: Hockey Scholar STEM Learning sessions and University of Toronto Engineering Outreach programs.


Primary students (grades 1 – 4) will be participating in the Amazing Math Race.  This is a half-day, off-site, fun math event where students run around and use their math and team-work skills.

Dates:   amazing-math-race-logo-2-2015

Grade 1 – Wednesday June 21st
Grade 2 – Thursday June 22nd
Grade 3 – Friday June 23rd
Grade 4 – Monday June 26th new!

Time: 12:00 – 3:15 pm

If you can volunteer for a half-day of fun math activities with your child, please e-mail us at  No math expertise required!


Kindergarten students will be participating in the Angry Birds Math activity where they get to stand up and measure, build, sort, graph and LAUNCH Angry Birds!  Dates and times are as follows:

MAth birdRoom 122 (Zaharia) June 2 AM
Room 126A (Maddison) June 2 PM (still need a volunteer)
Room 123 (Afonso) June 5 PM (still need a volunteer)
Room B15 (Dart)
June 6 AM
Room 126B (Visconti) June 6 PM
Room 113 (Ukwuoma) June 7 AM (still need volunteers)
Room B82 (Jardine) June 8 AM
Room 127 (Bunting) June 8 PM (still need volunteers)

If you are interested in volunteering in your child’s class for this activity, please email

Runnymede Represents at the FIRST LEGO League Tournament

The 2016-17 Runnymede Robotics teams, the Cyberbolts and the Positive Vibes, had an exciting competition at the TDSB’s FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Tournament in December. The theme for 2016/17 was “Animal Allies”, which meant the students studied challenges facing animals in our community as well as designing & programming a robot to execute animal-related missions.

Robot launch

Competing against 28 other TDSB school teams, they were judged on their robot’s design, on their team’s core values (Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism®) and their researched project of solutions for their chosen animal-related problems. The Cyberbolts had taken on the challenge of Coywolves in urban spaces, while the Positive Vibes team investigated declining Bee populations.

fll coffee 2

During the exciting mission part of the competition, the teams were given 2 1/2 minutes to run their robot through missions alongside other TDSB teams. This is the nerve-wracking part of the competition where missions that worked in the lab can go completely haywire, and missions that often failed work perfectly. The Cyberbolts got call backs for all 3 of their presentations, winning the “Best Programming” award and the Positive Vibes got call backs for 2, winning the “Most Inspirational Team” award!  In the end the Cyberbolts placed 2nd overall and will be representing Runnymede at the provincial competition in January.

FLL table

Judges remarked how incredibly well the team worked together, with the older students running the team without coaches needing to help. This is the goal of FLL, where coaches become mentors and the students work to find solutions. Visit FLL League for more information about this worldwide phenomenon.
wtcs-crestRunnymede Robotics would like to say thank you to the teachers who made their competitive team possible this year: M. Dimitroff and Ms. Moldawa from Runnymede and Mr. Wang, the robotics mentor from Western Technical-Commercial School. Thanks also to WTCS‘s Principal Pang for her gracious support. We are lucky to have WTCS as our neighbour.

Visit the team’s website to find out about our projects and for helpful hints on LEGO building, programming and crazy STEM fun!

Interested in learning programming at home? check out the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s site SCRATCH. This site encourages kids to program using blocks of code that they connect to make scripts. They can “see inside” the programs of posted games and learn from others, or follow the tutorials provided.

Join us

Any parent interested in helping promote the Math and Science curricula at Runnymede is welcome to join the STEM committee – we’d love to have you! No specific skills are required. Please contact us to learn more or to join.

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