Throughout the school year, Parent Council Committees organize events and activities to raise money to support enriched programming for Runnymede students.

  • Our music, drama, arts and athletics offerings are not standard issue within the TDSB – they require additional funding and an extremely committed group of teachers, staff and parents.
  • Our outdoor classrooms, our resident Green Teacher, the Kinder-Garden, our bi-annual Yard Days, our Eco-School status, our Peacekeeper Program are all unique within the TDSB – these, too, require funding and volunteer time.
  • Our teachers at Runnymede each received approximately $300-500 each year to spend on enriching their class or classroom – again, this is not true of all schools in the TDSB!
  • Given Runnymede’s socio-economic ranking, we are not a priority to receive funds from the TDSB for technology so money raised by the Council has contributed towards technology purchases.

These are a but a few of the items that Runnymede Parent Council has allocated funds to in recent years – with the objective of spending on projects which collectively, over the long term, benefit the largest number of students.

Visit our Where does the Money Go? page for a summary of what programs we are able to support. 

Visit the Annual Direct Donation page for more information and FAQs

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