Pizza Lunches


pizza order

Order deadline for the first Kinder pizza lunch: September 15th
Order deadline for the first Grade 1-8 pizza lunch: September 22nd

Mark these Pizza Lunch dates in your calendar for Grades 1-8:

Pizza LunchFriday, September 29th                           Friday, February 23rd
Friday, October 27th                            Thursday, March 29th
Friday, November 24th                       Friday, April 27th
Friday, January 26th                            Friday, May 25th

For Grade 1- 8:
-Choice of cheese, veggie, pepperoni or gluten free pizza from Pizza Pizza.
-Served with fresh veggies.
-Choice of juice box or no juice box
**Please note if you do not order juice please have your child bring their own water bottle that day.

NO Juice             WITH Juice

1 slice – $35        1 slice – $39
2 slices – $43      2 slices – $47
3 slices – $51      3 slices – $55

For Grade 1-8 questions or concerns contact Allison Madigan at:

Mark these Pizza Lunch dates in your calendar for Kindergarten:

Friday, September 22nd                      Thursday, February 15th
Friday, October 20th                            Friday, March 23rd
Thursday, November 16th                  Friday, April 20th
Friday, January 12th                             Friday, May 18th

For Kindergarten:
-Square Pizza Pizza cheese slices
-NO option for juice

1 slice – $24
2 slices – $32

For kindergarten questions or concerns contact

Last year, a great team of parent volunteers made Pizza Lunch a success!

You don’t need to volunteer for every Friday!  If you can help out this year for even one date for grade 1-8 pizza lunch, please contact Maggie Galloway at  Babysitting (& free pizza!) provided for younger siblings.

Thank you for supporting our quick, easy and secure online Pizza Lunch process!

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