Pizza Lunches



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The deadline to order is the MONDAY BEFORE each pizza day!

To ADD SLICES to existing orders or

to place NEW ORDERS for the rest of the 2022/2023 school year use

Mark these Pizza Lunch dates in your calendar for all grades

πŸ• For Grade 1- 8 πŸ• AND πŸ•  For Kindergarten πŸ•

Friday, October 28th

Friday, November 25th

***No pizza day in December *     

Friday, January 27th 

Friday, February 24th

***No pizza day in March *

Friday, April 28th

Friday, May 26th

***No pizza day in June *  

πŸ• For Grade 1- 8 πŸ• AND πŸ•  For Kindergarten πŸ• 
Choice of any number of regular sized slices (we order LARGE pizzas) from Pizza Pizza that are cut into 10 slices





Specialty (contact us re: allergies/special orders)

Please have your child bring their own water bottle and send your child with veggies, fruit or snacks as only pizza will be served!

Pizza Lunch

Pizza will be brought to your child’s class for Kindergarten – Grade 5

Grade 6-8 will go to the Junior Gym to pick up their pizza

Prices are $3/slice. 

Your order will be for all 6 pizza lunches:                            

1 slice – $18                 

2 slices – $36                  

3 slices – $54                   

Every month, we depend on our amazing parent volunteers to make Pizza Lunch possible!

Since pizza is now served in the classrooms, we need at least 1 parent volunteer per class to pick up pizza from the central HUB, serve the pizza and tidy up after. Grade 6-8 volunteers are needed also to serve ALL senior students in the Junior Gym!

You don’t need to volunteer for every month, butΒ if you can help out for even one date for Kindergarten or grade 1-8 pizza lunch PLEASE SIGN UP HERE

If you have questions about anything Pizza related contact Angela at

Thank you for supporting our quick, easy and secure online Pizza Lunch process!

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