Pizza Lunches


The Runnymede Pizza Lunch program is happy to announce a partnership with our local Loblaws Humbercrest!

Beginning this month, they will be subsidizing the purchase price and preparation of fresh cucumbers and melon for the 600 students who enjoy pizza lunch.  As a gesture of support to their local community, they have generously agreed to meet our budget and reduce their retail price by more than 50%.

In addition to this new Pizza Lunch partnership, the store selected Runnymede to sponsor a Halloween pumpkin decorating contest.  Mme. Enrico’s Grade 3/4 class will be decorating pumpkins and taking them to the store for just-for-fun judging and prizes for all!

Thank you Loblaws for supporting our school. 


pizza order

Order deadline for the November Kinder pizza lunch: November 9th
Order deadline for the November Grade 1-8 pizza lunch: November 17th

Mark these Pizza Lunch dates in your calendar for Grades 1-8:

Friday, September 29th                            Friday, February 23rd
Friday, October 27th                            Thursday, March 29th
Friday, November 24th                       Friday, April 27th
Friday, January 26th                            Friday, May 25th

For Grade 1- 8:
-Choice of cheese, veggie, pepperoni or gluten free pizza from Pizza Pizza.
-Served with fresh veggies, provided from Loblaws.
-Choice of juice box or no juice box
**Please note if you do not order juice please have your child bring their own water bottle that day.

Pizza Lunch

NO Juice             WITH Juice

1 slice – $35        1 slice – $39
2 slices – $43      2 slices – $47
3 slices – $51      3 slices – $55

For Grade 1-8 questions or concerns contact Allison Madigan at:

Mark these Pizza Lunch dates in your calendar for Kindergarten:

Friday, September 22nd                      Friday, February 23rd
Friday, October 27th                            Friday, March 23rd
Friday, November 24th                        Friday, April 20th
Friday, January 12th                             Friday, May 18th

For Kindergarten:
-Square Pizza Pizza cheese slices
-NO option for juice

1 slice – $24
2 slices – $32

For kindergarten questions or concerns contact

Last year, a great team of parent volunteers made Pizza Lunch a success!

You don’t need to volunteer for every Friday!  If you can help out this year for even one date for grade 1-8 pizza lunch, please contact Maggie Galloway at  Babysitting (& free pizza!) provided for younger siblings.

Thank you for supporting our quick, easy and secure online Pizza Lunch process!

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