Spirit Events

Spirit events and activities help raise funds required to deliver the many “extras” that we have come to expect as standard for our children at Runnymede.   In 2015/16, we raised over $90,600 to benefit all students!

Join the fun!  E-mail runnymedespiritcommittee@gmail.com to help with the next event.

Movie Night 2017!

Runnymede had yet another successful movie night last week!  It was enjoyed by both kids and parents, and the online pizza ordering made for smooth pickup.  

We would like to thank everyone that helped make this event possible and all the families who joined in this great community event.   The Runnymede spirit was strong and we raised close to $2,600 for enrichment programming thank you!


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Centennial Assembly Recap:

On February 5th Runnymede Public School held an exhilarating school assembly in recognition of their school’s 100th Anniversary which was officially on February 1st, 2016.Runnymede Assembly

As the children entered the gym for the assembly, music of the decades played and images depicting the last 100 years were displayed in a slide show.  Principal Amelia Dennis greeted all the students with enthusiasm.

Over the last 5 years, the students at Runnymede have been busy creating various art projects leading up to the Runnymede’s 100th Anniversary celebration. Diana Hatzepetros showed images of ‘decade inspired’ collages that the grade 7 & 8 students had created while Heather Pegg thanked the grade 5 students who had participated in a creating murals that also depict the decades over the last 100 years and now hang in the halls of Runnymede. Max von Schilling a former Runnymede student who is now attending ESA, presented his documentary on the “Secrets of Runnymede”, which took a tour through long forgotten stairwells and washrooms that are now blocked off from the public.

Runnymede Teachers representing the decadesTo close out the assembly, the teachers put on a fashion show dressed in decade inspired costumes from 1906 thru to 2016; modelling their fashions to the delight of the students.

On Saturday May 28th, 2016 Runnymede will hold a Centennial Celebration for alumni and current students and families. The school doors will be open to welcome students from decades past while the front yard will be turned into a Fun Fair complete with bouncy castles and a dunk tank. Principal Dennis encouraged all students to mark the date and to be sure to attend Runnymede’s Centennial Celebration. It’s sure to be an exciting event!

The Centennial Mural Project

20151112_102810mural kidsThe grade 5 students have been working hard to create murals each year to represent the decades leading up to our school’s Centennial Celebration. This year the students created two large murals to depict the time period from 2000 to present.

Thank you to all of our Runnymede Picassos, and to Rona and West Toronto Paint and Wallpaper for donating our supplies!