Ward 7

What is Ward 7 All About?

Runnymede Public School is one of 22 schools in Ward 7 of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). A publicly elected Trustee represents each Ward. The Trustee holds Ward Council meetings to share and discuss relevant topics and issues facing the TDSB. Each school elects 1-2 parent representatives to attend these meetings and report back to Runnymede School Council.

Runnymede’s Ward 7 Rep is Kathleen Hyatt.  Get in touch any time about school issues of importance to you.

Join the Ward 7 Facebook group and stay in the know!!! 


Our Trustee Robin Pilkey invites all Ward 7 parents to join the ward’s facebook group.   https://www.facebook.com/groups/TDSBWard7Coucil/?ref=bookmarks

Ward 7 Updates:


Enhancing Equity Task Force Report and Recommendations
The  Enhancing Equity Task Force Report and Recommendations is now available online.

Following more than a year of consultation with our communities, the Enhancing Equity Task Force has completed their in-depth report focused on improving the learning and well-being of each and every student by understanding and mitigating – or removing – the barriers of social and economic inequity.

At the December 13 Board meeting, Trustees voted to have TDSB senior staff conduct a full review of the recommendations of the Enhancing Equity Task Force.

Following a closer examination of the recommendations, the Director of Education will present high level, proposed next steps to the Planning and Priorities Committee on January 31, 2018.This information will be available on the TDSB website on January 26, 2018, in advance of the meeting.  

It’s important to note that no final decisions will be made on January 31, 2018. Community members will have the opportunity to share their thoughts as part of the committee process. Following approval of the high level next steps as early as February, more specific action plans will be created and community members will have additional opportunities to share their voice. Please visit the TDSB website for updates on the process and how you can get involved.

Educational Development Charges (EDCs) for TDSB
This continues to be a concern at the Board, and one that if changed, given the amount of development in Ward 7, could benefit us locally.

The TDSB has developed a comprehensive strategy to advocate for the Ontario Government to amend Ontario Reg. 20/98 as well as the definition(s) of Education Land Costs in the Education Act to include capital cost these amendments would allow the TDSB to access EDCs while increasing flexibility regarding its use.

This strategy includes leveraging relationships with stakeholders, including the co-terminus boards and the City of Toronto, and organizations like Fix our Schools, to engage them in discussions with the Province as well as initiating legal proceedings.  The proposed amendments to the Education Act would also benefit other school board currently accessing EDCs.  

Junior Extended French Information Nights
As with the French Immersion Parent Information Nights, it was decided that this year the Junior Extended French Parent Information evenings will not be held at each individual Junior Extended French school site. Rather, the information evenings will be held at specific area secondary schools across the system, hosted by the French as a Second Language Department.

A variety of staff representatives will be invited to be on hand to answer parent questions about the program, placement, transportation, child care, special education etc. For more information, click here.

The location in our area is at Etobicoke Collegiate Institute (85 Montgomery Road) on January 15, 2018 at 7 p.m.

You can also take part in a Virtual Information Evening on  January 22nd  by going to  www.tdsb.on.ca from 7-8p.m. to hear information about the program, application process or to ask questions via web chat.


School Resource Officer Program
The TDSB has recommended that the School Resource Officer Program be discontinued and that that staff continue to work in partnership with the Toronto Police Service (TPS) to maintain positive working relationships that will ensure a safe, welcoming and inclusive culture in every school.

Read more about it here:   http://www.tdsb.on.ca/Leadership/Boardroom/Agenda-Minutes/Type/A?Folder=Agenda%2f20171115&Filename=171115+School+Resource+Off+3269+FINAL.pdf

TDSB Executive Compensation
The TDSB has released their proposed Executive Compensation Plan, in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Government of Ontario.  Read more about it here:  http://www.tdsb.on.ca/About-Us/Executive-Compensation

There is also a public consultation process in place, and the online feedback form is here: https://surveys.tdsb.on.ca/index.php?r=survey/index&sid=818221&lang=en

Opiod Overdose Prevention Plan
Toronto Public Health has developed a Toronto Overdose Action Plan:
https://web.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/968f-Toronto-Overdose-ActionPlan.pdf  and is encouraging school boards to consider providing schools with
Naloxone kits to allow for a response to an Opioid overdose.

Here is the TDSB plan:  http://www.tdsb.on.ca/Leadership/Boardroom/Agenda-Minutes/Type/A?Folder=Agenda%2f20171123&Filename=171123+Opioid+3266.pdf

Ward Boundary Review
The number of City of Toronto municipal wards will be increasing, from 44 to 47.  However, the number of TDSB trustees will remain at 22 due to the number being tied to enrollment.  22 trustees is the maximum number under the Education Act.  As a result, the TDSB ward boundaries will be changed as they must agree to municipal boundaries (Municipal Act)

For more information about how this will affect Ward 7 please see the boundary review page of the TDSB website.  There are links to consultation meeting dates & locations, an online survey and supporting documents.


Equity Task Force Recommendations

Please take a look at the draft report of the Enhancing Equity Task Force and some of the recommendations the draft contains.  You have an opportunity to give your thoughts on the draft recommendations, until November 20th.

The draft recommendations are found here:

The feedback form is here:

October 24, 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Over the past few days, there has been a very public discussion about the Enhancing Equity Task Force’s draft recommendations. This Task Force was created because things need to change in our system to improve learning outcomes for all students and address disparities that impact our students.

I think you would agree that it is essential that the TDSB ensure equitable learning environments for each and every student. This means ensuring that all students have access – the same access – to learning, opportunities, resources and tools to succeed while keeping our high standard of excellence for all students.

After consulting with students, staff, parents and community members over the past year, the Task Force identified that some disparities exist between and within our schools and, while benefitting some students, may have inadvertently resulted in inequity for others.

The draft recommendations are not final and we invite your input on the recommendations. To be sure we get your feedback we have extended the consultation deadline to November 20. Your voice will help shape the recommendations that will be presented to the Board in December and, will ultimately make the TDSB a better place for all students.

One recommendation proposes phasing out specialized schools, such as a school for the Arts. I do not believe the Board has any intention of closing specialized schools so we have clarified the recommendation by removing the reference to phasing out specialized schools and will, in the revised document, focus on improving access to them.

Parents have also been concerned that specialized programs – such as TOPS or International Baccalaureate – would be phased out from within schools. This was not part of the recommendation and these programs will continue. What is clear is that the TDSB needs to find ways to expand the opportunities that these schools and programs offer.

Changes need to happen to ensure each and every student can achieve high academic achievement and success in school.

If you have not already, please review the Task Force report and recommendations and send us your thoughts and opinions. We value your input to make this happen. Please be sure to provide your comments through our online form so they are sent directly to the Task Force.

The draft recommendations will be available online for feedback until November 20, 2017.

Thank you,

John Malloy
John Malloy
Director of Education


Fix Our Schools Campaign


Fix Our Schools is a grassroots, non-partisan, parent-led campaign that is building a large network of citizens across the province asking for the same thing: safe, well-maintained schools that provide environments conducive to learning.

This campaign has engaged thousands of Ontario citizens already and has been successful in convincing the provincial government to bring annual funding for school repairs up to an industry-accepted standard of $1.4-B per year. However, there is still the $15-B repair backlog that has accumulated over the past 20 years to address … so we need your help!

The more people engaged in this campaign, the more collective power we have … so please sign up at www.fixourschools.ca to receive informative emails and ideas for action; or follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter!

Fix Our Schools makes political activism very easy!


Who is our Trustee and what does she do?

In October 2014, Ward 7 voters elected Robin Pilkey as our Trustee. In August, 2015, Robin was acclaimed as Chair of the TDSB.

Trustees govern the TDSB and serve as their Ward’s advocates for public education by:

  • promoting student achievement and wellbeing
  • playing a key role in setting the strategic direction of the TDSB
  • ensuring local accountability for student success and wellbeing
  • putting in place programs and policies that reflect the needs of students in their community
  • working with the TDSB’s Director of Education to provide direction for the achievement of key goals and priorities
  • ensuring the effective operation of the school board.

* Synopsis of information provided by Ontario Public School Board Association (OPSBA)

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