Green/Yard Committee

About the Green Committee 

Runnymede is lucky to have one of the greenest school yards in the TDSB! The Yard Committee maintains and enhances this amazing school yard – everything from the basketball hoops and play structures to the Hillside Garden, stone amphitheater, peace circle and outdoor art projects. We built and continue to enhance the Kinder-Garden sensory garden, and do important maintenance such as planting, weeding, watering and painting. We also work closely with teachers to share curriculum-based lesson plans that can be implemented in Runnymede’s amazing outdoor classroom.

Key initiatives:
– Fall and Spring Green Teacher Program
– Yard Days
– New recess equipment for classes
– Key collaborations with the Green Team

Do these initiatives interest you? Please consider joining the Yard Committee! Contact:

Back to School at Runnymede

The Green Committee had a busy few weeks leading up to the new school year cleaning up some of our school’s wonderful outdoor spaces.  With the help of a small group of parent and student volunteers, we picked up garbage, cut back invasive species, and trimmed and weeded the nature garden trails, amphitheatre, kinder yard and front gardens – spaces that teachers depend on to get our kids learning outside as much as possible.

We also purchased flowering bulbs for the kindergarten classrooms so they can experience the joy of planting them in their school yard planters and watch the flowers bloom next spring.

This school year is unlike any other we have all experienced, but we continue to do what we can to bring some sense of normalcy to our school community. As always, please forward any questions to 

The Hillside Garden

The Green Committee, is interested in students and staff getting the most out of the outdoor spaces that are part of our schoolyard. In particular, we rely on fellow parent volunteers to help maintain the Hillside Garden area of the yard.

Runnymede is very fortunate to have the Hillside Garden – a natural forest with trails that is actually part of our schoolyard! The Hillside Garden is the envy of schools across the TDSB but many Runnymede families aren’t aware of its history and origins…

old yard photo2
The Green Committee was actually first established in 1990 when staff and parent volunteers came together to plant and create the forest that is now Runnymede’s Hillside Garden.

old yard photo1 (1)  The entire forest area used to be a steep, grassy slope that was closed-off to the schoolyard because it was too steep and difficult to maintain.
old yard photo3Over the next decade, native plants, shrubs and trees were planted in the Hillside Garden and it developed into the amazing outdoor learning space that is used and enjoyed today.

The main purpose of our Yard Day events is for the school community (students, parents and staff) to come together to maintain the Hillside Garden so that it remains a healthy and vibrant outdoor learning space for many years to come.

Our Spring & Fall Yard Days are one of the very best community events at Runnymede PS!

Join us!
You don’t have to have a “green thumb” to be a part of the Green Committee – just a willingness to help out around the school yard. You can also support this committee by donating old garden tools or Canadian Tire money at the school office or by attending the Fall and Spring Yard Days – fabulous family-friendly events that combine work and fun.

To join the committee or to volunteer your time, please contact Yard Committee Chairs Helen Williams & Ryan Lockhart Gower

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