September 5, 2022 – WELCOME BACK!!

Welcome to Runnymede for the 2022-2023 School Year!

For reference please see our welcome letter that was sent to your email!
We are delighted to be welcoming our many new and returning students on Wednesday, September 7th. A friendly reminder that Tuesday, September 6th is a PA Day and there is no school for students.

THEIR CHILD’S HOMEROOM TEACHER ON Tuesday, September 6th. This will be delivered to you via
email from our Power School Messenger system or will be sent by email by the classroom teacher. The
email will inform you of the teacher, room number, and entry/exit door for your child.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS. SIGN UP HERE IF YOU DON’T RECEIVE EMAILS FROM THE SCHOOL! However, iIf for any reason you do not receive an email, do not worry.
Staff will be on site on Wednesday morning to direct and guide students to their classroom meeting
location or homeroom on the first day. .
TDSB School Year Calendar  See what’s coming up on our system calendar with key dates, events and
activities, or just take a look at the school year calendar’s PA Days and holidays.

Screening – Students and staff should continue to do a daily self-assessment before entering school or
Board buildings and stay home if unwell. The Government of Ontario has provided a revised screening
tool for schools and childcares. Toronto Public Health is developing a printable version and will be
shared as soon as it’s available. Please do not send children to school if they are unwell. We will
communicate all Board mandated updates with respect to safety and wellbeing around Covid-19
protocols in TDSB Schools.

Masks – The TDSB continues to be a mask-friendly environment inclusive of all staff and students.
Mutual sensitivity for such decisions is encouraged and reinforced as safety and wellbeing are of utmost
importance. While the Ministry of Education and public health officials are not mandating the use of
masks, Toronto Public Health strongly recommends wearing a well-fitting, high quality mask, especially
in indoor public settings. The TDSB and Runnymede PS will continue to provide medical masks to
students who want to wear one.

Testing – Rapid Antigen Test kits will continue to be available to both staff and students and are to be
provided to staff/students upon their request and/or upon return from an unplanned absence. Please
reach out as we have these in abundant supply as needed.

Ventilation – Institutional-grade HEPA filters are in the TDSB with at least one in every occupied
classroom and learning space (e.g. Gyms, Libraries, Cafeteria). Caretakers will continue to increase
ventilation in schools and classrooms with mechanical systems by adjusting the air exchanges and
running them before and after class as well as increase natural ventilation by opening windows for short
periods of time.

Cleaning – Caretaking staff will continue to perform routine cleaning of general facilities throughout the
day and enhanced cleaning of high touch surfaces such as light switches, handrails, door handles, etc.
Frequent handwashing – Students are encouraged to bring their own sample size scent-free hand
sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is also present in every classroom and handwashing routines are encouraged
and reinforced throughout the day.
Parents should communicate any well-being concerns with the teacher prior to the start of the school

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Procedures
One person or caregiver per child/family please . As per past practice, parents are to drop off students
at the gate. Please refrain from walking through the parking lot or on the field for safety reasons. As per
TDSB guidelines, dogs are not permitted on school property. Please note that all staff will be present to
welcome our students and to help direct the flow of our students to their meeting zones by homeroom.
Visibility of teachers and students and class lines is required for safety in large numbers. Signs are
displayed for communication such to parents,students and visitors of our routines/procedures.
Entering Runnymede Jr. and Sr. Public School

Teachers/Staff will review all procedures with classes and families. Teachers will also clarify where each
class will drop off and pick up at the end of the day or other times (e.g. field trips, events etc).
Appointments are encouraged for all non-essential visits to the school. Families are strongly
encouraged to walk to school. Parent parking in the school parking lot is prohibited. Please do not walk
through the school parking lot. Please read all street signage carefully for parking regulations and
authorized parking zones for safety and courtesy.

Recess and Wellness Breaks:
● Scheduled Recess breaks for Grades 1 to 5*
● Wellness breaks for Grades 6-8 as scheduled by each homeroom teacher and classroom teacher*
● All Kinder classes have an integrated outdoor play and learning time throughout the day*
● All teachers will provide specific details pertinent to each class/grade and provide updates as needed
● Students should arrive as close to school start times as possible. If going home for lunch, students
return as close to the pm bell time as possible.

Lunch Hour Procedures
● We encourage students to eat lunch at home whenever possible. Permission forms will be sent home during the first week. Additional forms will be issued via the new Board platform, PowerSchool. Thank you for your patience as we work with the details of this
new configuration.
● With parental permission, older siblings may walk younger siblings home for lunch.
● If your child is eating lunch at school, guidance around lunch routines will be provided and reinforced.
K-5 classes will eat lunch in the classroom with supervision. Grades 6-8 will have lunch in the cafeteria
with supervision.

● Safety routines and safe play and circulation are key priorities, especially with the large number of
students sharing our outdoor play zones
● The teacher ensures students enter/exit the classroom in a safe, calm manner.
● Children will enter and exit school at their designated doors
● Snacks will be eaten outside during recess breaks (litter less where possible)
● Fitness and Play structures will be open to students and details around shared use will be
communicated by the teachers.
● Playground equipment (details to be communicated by teachers during the first week.)
Washroom Use
● Children should be encouraged to wash hands after using the washroom
● Soap and water in the washroom and some classrooms and hand sanitizer in the classroom
● Washrooms will be cleaned twice daily and as needed
● Washrooms will be stocked regularly (i.e. enough toilet paper, paper towels) Washroom use will be
limited to two students at one time
● Students will sign the class register out to go to the washroom or upon staff permission (e.g. during
recess or lunch).
● Kinder classrooms have their own washrooms
● More room specific details will be communicated regularly by teachers.
Hand Hygiene
● After washroom breaks and whenever needed.
● To be reviewed regularly by teachers
● Before and after recess, before and after lunch
● Use water and soap, otherwise use hand sanitizer
● 20 seconds of rubbing hands together is best when washing hands
● If students have their own personal hand sanitizer. Please avoid heavily scented products.
Other Considerations
● students should NOT share food
● We will optimize ventilation at school (open windows for air flow).
● Every classroom has a HEPA filter
● Parents will have limited access to school grounds during the school day.
● Visitors must sign in at Door #1 if entering school.
● Parents should email/call school if they need to speak to a staff member or set up a meeting.

Other Considerations
● students should NOT share food
● We will optimize ventilation at school (open windows for air flow).
● Every classroom has a HEPA filter
● Parents will have limited access to school grounds during the school day.
● Visitors must sign in at Door #1 if entering school.
● Parents should email/call school if they need to speak to a staff member or set up a meeting.
● Children who are unwell should remain at home. If a child is unwell at school, the school will call
for pickup.

Important Safety Reminders:
The first day of school for all students together in K-8 is Wednesday, September 7th, 2022.
● Students will be asked to leave school property promptly at the end of the instructional day. Students
can return to the property after 4:00 PM with family supervision. No teacher supervision will be available
at this time. Students/children are not to play on play structures during dismissal times for safety and
clear visibility of students during this time and according to Runnymede Adventure Club schedules in
effect (R.A.C. is our childcare partner operating in our school).
● Visitors / Meeting Teachers – For safety reasons, we request that you do not visit the school or attempt to talk to teachers when they are dismissing students. If you need to access the school or discuss issues in detail with teachers please call the main office or email the teacher to set up a meeting which will be arranged.
● Review and practice proper hand washing techniques at home, especially before and after eating,
sneezing, coughing, and adjusting a mask or cloth face covering.
● Pack a full water bottle and practice providing a litterless/boomerang lunch and snacks
daily. Sharing of food is not allowed and garbage will be sent home to help keep our schools
clean. Please remember that lunches cannot be dropped off at school.
● If you send school supplies, such as crayons and scissors, please store them in a labeled pencil case.
Note that instructional materials will also be provided at school.
● Limit personal belongings being brought to school – students/parents to assess their backpacks for
extraneous items daily. Please label clothing.
● Dress your child in weather appropriate clothing; they will be spending ample time outdoors
throughout the school year.
● Make sure your information is current at school, including emergency contacts and individuals
authorized to pick up your child from school. When they are sick, pick up your child promptly.
● Cell phones/technology – students are not permitted to use cell phones or other tech without
teacher/staff permission (as it relates to a school activity). Cell phones are not permitted to be used
during instructional time, at recess, in hallways or in washrooms. If students bring them to school,
they need to be stored away in a backpack/locker and out of sight. With permission, students must use
the office phone (which will be sanitized after each use) if they need to call parents/ guardians. The
school will not be responsible for any damaged or missing phones or tech devices students choose to
bring to school.
Pls look for email updates from the school admin on a weekly basis or as needed throughout the week. Runnymede Reminders are issued at the end of every week. Please ensure we have a current email of record.
● Classroom teachers will be reaching out by email newsletters as well and will confirm the details of this communication directly with homeroom families. The School is also regularly in touch with

June 30, 2022 –

As we enter summer holidays, we want to express our sincerest appreciation to all the staff, students and families. Each of you has played a vital role in making our school year a significant success as we prioritized student safety and wellbeing. It has been a pleasure working with you this year. The commitment and dedication of staff, parents and students at Runnymede PS allows us to continue to grow academically, socially and emotionally. We would also like to thank all our wonderful volunteers and our School Advisory Council for their generous donation of time, care and commitment to our school community! It is GREATLY appreciated!

Even though we were in pandemic mode, many amazing things continued to happen year long at Runnymede PS! We had dance presentations, track & field, softball, many field trips, guest presenters and excursions both in-person and remote, learning from and in nature, community events, Lego & Robotics, library helpers, intramurals, Kinder Welcome, Grade 8 graduation festivities and much more! Throughout all of this, as a staff, we built relationships with students and fostered a safe and caring environment, recognizing the importance of providing opportunities that are engaging for all our students.

In August, we will send an email to parents with your child(ren)’s class room and entry door number. On the first day of school (September 7th, 2022), families and students are asked to make their way to their appropriate location on the Runnymede yard where teachers will be holding signs with classroom numbers. All staff will be available to help students find their placements. Once students know their placements, they will line up by their posted class sign where they will be welcomed and received by their assigned teacher and entry to the school will follow and a new year of learning will commence!
On behalf of the Runnymede staff, we appreciate your support and collaboration. We wish you all a
wonderful summer break and we look forward to seeing you all in September.
Take good care!

July 2, , 2022 5pm Vaccine Clinic @ Runnymede (see below)
TPH Mobile Clinic – Saturday, July 2, 2022
TPH Parent Letter with Links – July 2, 2022

Term 2 Report Cards and IEPs were sent home electronically via School Messenger as last term with
instructions included in the message on how to access/download the file.

Next School Year:
School reopens on September 7th, 2022. As previously noted, students and parents will be notified of
their classroom placements prior to the start of the school year. More information regarding
placements will be communicated at the end of August.

Farewell, Thank you and Welcome Back
Change is the road map for new ideas, new growth and new learning for staff, students, parents and
our community. The upcoming 22-23 school year will bring with it some TDSB staffing changes. We
would like to thank the following staff members for their contributions to Runnymede PS and extend
best wishes as they move on to new adventures.
Special thanks and best wishes to Ms. Maddison. Taye has supported students in various grades in
countless ways. We wish her well as she transitions to Keele PS.
Special thanks and best wishes to Mme Ceni. Arjola has supported students in various grades in French
Immersion including our virtual class this past year. We wish her all the best in her new role at Sir Adam
Merci and best wishes to Mme Ndala Masengu, ECE, as she transitions to a new school.
Special thanks to Ms. Miller, SNA, as she transitions to a new school in September. We thank Kailey for
her support of many students in all grades and wish her well at her new school.
Special thanks to Mme Satdeo, LTO, and Ms. Iancau, DECE, who did an admirable job filling in this year to support our students.
We are pleased to welcome back Mr. Dimitroff and Mme Gallant, DECE, in September.
Further staffing updates will be provided at the start of the new school year as this process is ongoing.

June Concert : We are so proud of our students’ instrumental performance at this concert given the
very restricted timeline that was available to their learning this year. Most importantly, it is nice to see the
focus and effort the children of Runnymede have displayed this year be allowed to shine in the public eye. CLICK TO WATCH
-Runnymede Arts Dept.

We are sharing a GoFundMe page, in support of a Runnymede family with their permission. Please
follow this link for additional information HERE

A fundraising donation in the amount of $3,488.53 is being sent on behalf of
the students of Runnymede Jr. & Sr. Public School to Unicef Canada – Ukraine Relief Fund. Our amazing students worked collaboratively in many classes and sold freezies, cupcakes, and handmade bracelets and bookmarks to raise money for this important fund.
Thank you

We would like to thank our school council volunteers for the countless hours fundraising for student
enrichment, planning school community initiatives and representing the school community. Special thank you to our School Council Co-Chairs: Erin Meana and Andrea Santos and the Executive. We would not be able to provide so many enrichment opportunities for our students without the support
of school council.

The Runnymede PS School Council website is the best place to find up-to-date information related to school, and council notices and events, including an interactive school calendar. Bookmark our site and visit it regularly.

Please inform the school of any contact information changes by calling 416-393-9055