Council Committees

keep-calm-committeeLooking for a way to make a difference in your child’s education and get involved at his or her school? Look no further. No matter how much time you have to give — a few hours at a single event or a few hours each week — all parent involvement is valued and needed!

Council Committees: Follow the links below to find out what each of Council`s committees does, upcoming meetings and how to get involved.

  • Communications Committee: We help School Council communicate with Runnymede parents.  We manage the classroom email system and this website.   We also help create communications when needed. Contact us at

Other (non-council) Committees at the School
Much as we want to keep all the volunteers for ourselves, you should also be aware that there are three other school committees, outside of the council and led by teachers or a member of administration, which require two parent representatives each. Contact the council if you are interested in joining one of these.

  • Staffing Committee: develops and proposes a staffing model based on projected enrolment and staff allocation
  • Equity Committee: raises awareness, increases knowledge and develops skills to challenge racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, homophobia, classism, ageism and discrimination against persons with disabilities
  • Safe Schools Committee reviews the school’s safety and security and develops a plan to maintain and enhance safety and security within the school

Please note: Any school volunteer opportunities that involve working directly with children will require a police check.  Please see the information on the Volunteering page about how to complete and verify your Police Reference Check forms.

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