Where Does the Fundraising Money Go?

Click to hear about the Teacher Resource Fund (TRF) directly from Runnymede teachers!

Over the past few years, Runnymede’s School Council planned as many COVID protocol approved programs and resource supports as possible to enrich every student’s school experience and most importantly, make school fun!

Now, we need your help to get ALL Runnymede Programs back and running full steam ahead!

Here are some examples of how the Direct Donation fund benefits your child each year:

  • $500 per class for extra in-class resources and enrichment programs (TRF)
  • Outdoor art experiences taught by professional artists
  • Specialized Green Teacher classes in the Hillside Garden
  • Recess equipment to make outdoor play time more fun
  • Professional in-class hands-on STEM programs
  • In-class STEM teaching resources for teachers
  • Support for in-class technology needs, such as laptops, iPads, chargers, etc.
  • Support for Runnymede’s performing arts: music, drama, and dance
  • Yard enhancements for outdoor learning
  • Materials and instruction to create a permanent art installations on the Runnymede fence
  • The Empower Reading Program
  • Classroom libraries support
  • Peacemakers / Peer Mediators
  • House league sports
  • Rainy day lunchroom bins
  • Field trip bursaries

Every dollar counts.  Please contribute to your child’s enhanced classroom resources and enrichment programs by donating whatever amount feels comfortable for your family here RUNNYMEDE PUBLIC SCHOOL COUNCIL DONATIONS.  Runnymede Public School Council is a registered charity so you will receive a tax receipt for your donation amount.

PRE COVID, the money that was raised by Council Fundraising was predominantly from Direct Donation.

In years past, we did many smaller events, campaigns, sales and drives however : many parent volunteer hours were necessary to run all the events to make these fundraisers happen, and parents felt overwhelmed by too many different fundraising events.  The decision to move to a main Direct Donation was made, while still retaining the larger activities that made school fun, like pizza lunches, movie nights and more!

how is money raised

canadahelpsMake a donation to Runnymede PS Council

Runnymede has partnered with CanadaHelps.org to make your school donations quick and easy.  Charitable receipts are issued for every donation over $15.

Learn more HERE about how we FUNDRAISE at Runnymede, and how you can help!

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