Communications Committee

Join us! If you are interested in writing & editing, web design or graphic design, this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with and support our school. No experience required! Please contact Ingrid Larsen & Danielle DeLaurier at to find out more, or to join.

About the Communications Committee: The Communications Committee works behind the scenes with Council and school Administration to make your experience at Runnymede awesome. We run the classroom email database, the Parent Council website, and send email updates that keep you in the loop.

Each year, we work to:

    • Improve and update the website with current material, stories and school community updates
    • Ensure our online calendar is always loaded with the correct information for meetings, events and activities
    • Advocate for our community when Council requires it on issues that affect our school and our children

If you are someone that has good attention to detail and knows the difference between there, they’re and their, we need you! This is a great, low-key way to make a major contribution to Runnymede, done mostly on your own time from home.

About our website: This volunteer-run website exists to share stories, celebrate successes, promote activities, solicit volunteers and provide information about the school, its students, and the School Council.

Contact Ingrid Larsen with your stories and photos.

Photo Policy: We love to share photos and videos — but we never use images of our children without written permission from their parent or guardian.

2 thoughts on “Communications Committee

  1. Hi there Ingrid
    You mentioned at the last parent council (Nov 23) that all communication for Runnymede would be tweeted out. I forgot to put this in my council summary for a Grade 2 class. I just went looking for the address or hashtag. I can follow runnymede PS 100 no problem but that’s not the address that will post all Runnymede communication correct? Can you tell me what it is. I found tdsb#runnymede PS but don’t see a button for “follow”. I am not on twitter personally so no idea about it. I just wanted to let the other parents in my daughter’s class aware that this is another way they can receive Runnymede info. Thanks for your help



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