Soft Launch of our New Website: Send Us Your Feedback!

Welcome to all members of the Runnymede Public School community! After months of toiling (and, admittedly, a few months where we were really just too busy — we’re parents, after all!), we are pleased to welcome you to the “soft launch” of the brand new, official website of the Runnymede School Council. Our goals for the site are to:

  • Strengthen our ability to communicate with Runnymede families;
  • Help foster the already-strong sense of community at Runnymede by featuring photos and stories about the school;
  • Build awareness in the community about volunteer opportunities, school programs, events, fundraising efforts, meetings, and other goings-on at the school; and
  • Provide an archive for important information about the council, such as meeting minutes, budgets and the constitution.

While the site is maintained by council members, our intention is to collaborate with the school administration as much as possible to make this a one-stop-shop (within reason!) for Runnymede parent information. We intend to more officially launch and promote the site when the 2011/2012 school year begins, using the spring/summer to tweak and optimize it, so please submit your comments and suggestions.

The site is created and maintained entirely by parent volunteers, so your comments — and contributions — are most welcome.