Runnymede Offers Lots of Great Extra-Curriculars

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of many of our teachers, Runnymede offers lots of wonderful extra-curricular programs and activities that our children can participate in throughout their day. Some of the activities currently on offer, and the teachers running the programs, include:

  • Primary Choir – Heather Visconti
  • Dance Club – Melissa Moens
  • Jr Choir/Glee Club – Marisa Walker, Mark Latter
  • Chess Club – Karen McGill, Andrew Reynolds, Jennifer Banting
  • Primary Jewellery Craft Club – Lisa Soch, Shelley Boulton

If your child is interested in any of these programs, they should speak to the teacher in charge or to their homeroom teacher.

Terrific extra-curricular programs – another reason it’s great to be a part of the Runnymede community.