Hallowe'en Celebrations — Monday

Here is the Runnymede Hallowe’en schedule of events for Monday, October 31.

  • The morning Kindergarten classes will be having a parade indoors through the school beginning at 9:30 a.m.
  • In the afternoon, Kindergarten to Grade 6 students will participate in an outdoor HALLOWEEN PARADE around the school. Grades 1 to 6 students are invited to wear their costumes in the afternoon only. All students will arrive in their classes promptly at 12:30 p.m. so they will be ready to join the parade at 1:00 p.m. Parents are invited to watch. Please stand around the outside of the Runnymede Field.
  • UNICEF collection – We are participating in a coin drive to raise funds for UNICEF. Please send spare change with your child to be donated to this cause. Each classroom will have a envelope for collection.

Hallowe’en Costume Safety

  • Costumes should permit easy movement, and be neither too long nor too heavy.
  • Children should wear their own shoes – wearing costume shoes, boots or high heels can be dangerous.
  • Wigs and beards should not cover the eyes or mouth.
  • Face paint or makeup is preferable to masks. Masks can obstruct breathing or proper vision.
  • Toy weapons are not allowed. Do not carry sharp objects.
  • Please ensure that the nature of your child’s costume is suitable for a school setting.
  • We encourage children to have fun in their celebrations. Be sure that your children know the difference between tricks and vandalism. We are concerned about the safety of all children and encourage respect for school and community property.