School Motto Contest for Senior Students

Did you know that on Feb 1, 2016, Runnymede is turning 100?  On Feb 1, 2012, we will commemorate this important event with a four-year countdown.  At this time, Runnymede will unveil its new school motto and crest. A contest is on for senior students to create a unique motto for the school that signifies what Runnymede has strived for in the past, strives to be today, and strives to be in the future.  

Questions for students to think about:

  • Why is the symbol of a lion on our school crest and how can we tie the meaning of this symbol to our motto?  (The symbolic meaning of a lion is pride, courage and strength).
  • What makes Runnymede unique? (arts, sports, languages)
  • What character traits are important to your success in school and in your life?
  • What motivates you to do your best at Runnymede?
  • Runnymede is nearly 100 years old!  How is the history of our school important today?

Motto examples:

  • Proud to lead
  • Wisdom grows with study
  • Knowledge is power
  • Creating a future worthy of our past
  • The best of the old and the new

Mottos of other elementary schools in Toronto:

  • Learning together
  • Every day is new
  • Small in size, large in accomplishments

The top five mottos will be chosen and grade 1-8 students will vote online for the winner in December.

Students can submit their motto entries to their school parliament representative by Friday, Nov 25.  Mottos must be 2-8 words in length to qualify.  Students should be sure to include their name on their entries – a Chapters gift card will be awarded to the student with the winning motto!