Letter from Runnymede Student Parliament

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Runnymede is sharing the spirit this year by inviting all students to
participate in Runnymede Schools’ Parliaments gift-giving initiative. Each class in the school will be asked to create two gift boxes for children in need, (one boy and one girl) to whom these gifts will be given. Each gift will be put into a wrapped box to be given to the child for the holidays. Runnymede students are asked to donate one small gift for the box value not exceeding five dollars; gently used gifts are welcome as well. Gifts can be given anytime between December 3rd and December 19th.  They will be picked up Monday December 19th from each class by members of Parliament for distribution.

The giving goes on…..Runnymede Parliament is also organizing a can drive. This will begin on December 1st and will end on the 21st. All proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Food Bank. Classes’ can collection will be monitored by members of parliament, and the class which donates the most cans in each division will win a pizza party.  Good Luck Runnymede and Parliament thanks you for your Generous Runnymede Spirit.

Runnymede thanks you sincerely for your participation and if your
child/children have any questions please encourage them to ask a member of Student Parliament.

Hailey Radigan
Minister of the Environment
Runnymede Student Parliament