Emergency TDSB Budget Reduction Meeting – All Parents Urged to Attend

  • Tuesday, February 21
  • 7:00 p.m.
  • Runnymede School Library

The TDSB has targeted $80 million in reduced spending in next year’s budget. Many may have significant impacts to Runnymede. Parent Councils will be asked by way of their Ward 7 representatives on February 28 to provide feedback to our trustee, Irene Atkinson, at a Ward 7 meeting. This feedback directs how the trustee should vote on March 6 at a meeting where the TDSB is to vote on the potential budget cuts. After that date, the staff reduction notices will be promptly sent out, so this is the only opportunity to provide feedback into the process.

At next week’s meeting, we will review proposed budget cuts and determine which we can live with and which we should direct our Ward 7 representatives to fight against and recommend the Ward 7 trustee, Irene Atkinson, should vote against at the TDSB budget meeting on March 6.

The parent consultation period should have been much longer, but the TDSB took longer than they had planned completing the budget. We need your input to make a difference!