2012-2013 TDSB Budget

Please read the attached document for information about the final approved TDSB 2012-2013 budget and how it affects us in Ward 7.

At Runnymede, because we only half-day kindergarten programs, we will unfortunately lose all of our Educational Assistants (EAs) in 2012/13 from the JK/SK Kindergarten classrooms where English is the language of instruction. [The province provides funding for EAs in full-day, but not half-day, kindergarten classrooms. In the past the TDSB found the resources to do so, but this line-item was cut from the 2012-13 budget.]

While the province does pay for EAs to support language instruction in FI-kindergarten classrooms, there is a shortfall here too. Runnymede PS will have 3 half-day SK-FI classrooms of students in 2012-13, but EA staffing will be reduced to only cover 2 classrooms.