Welcome (Back) to Runnymede!

Runnymede Council and its Committees are happy to welcome you (back!) to Runnymede. The following information will also be sent out by email; make sure you are signed up to the Runnymede classroom email communication system to receive important updates like these throughout the year.

Please check out the following links for all the info you need as a Runnymede parent this fall:

Important notes for the fall:

  • Fundraising at Runnymede: The Spirit Committee’s simplified fundraising strategy was a big success last year, so our primary fundraiser this year will again be the donation envelopes, distributed in early October for parents to return with a recommended per-child donation of $50. We thank you and look forward to your continued support of our simplified fundraising approach this year.
    There will be no formal fundraising drives selling third-party merchandise this year, but  the school continues to receive a % of sales from QSP Magazines, Mabels Labels and Amazon.ca. So if you need magazines, labels, or books, please visit the school website under Hot Topics to make your purchase and support the school at the same time.
  • Runnymede Family Swim Club @ Humberside C.I Pool: Join us in the pool for a fun, family-friendly swim! Exclusive to Runnymede families, we will have one swim night a month starting in early October at Humberside C.I. Check back here for dates shortly! One low price covers the entire school year for one family. We have a life guard on duty, tons of pool toys and beach music! For more information, please contact Erin Carroll or Robert Dunford.
  • Lost & Found Process: Lost & Found is located on the main floor outside of Room 126. We encourage you to please label all items –especially lunch bags – with your child’s name and classroom number. The Spirit Committee needs additional people to help with Lost & Found. Please contact Terri Pickering to help!