Petition: Help Fight Overcrowding in our Schools

Please sign the petition to show your support formoving forward with the planned school additions in our ward — and find out other ways to help the cause in the flyer at right.
Overcrowding in the public schools in our ward is a serious problem, and it will only get worse with the implementation of full day kindergarten in September 2014. The TDSB’s solution of building additions at Keele and Swansea public schools is on hold because the Ministry of Education has frozen funding for this much-needed capital expansion.
We need the Ministry of Education to release funding immediately for the planned additions. We’re asking you to send this message to our provincial government by signing this petition. An addition at Keele P.S. will allow students to stay at that school for Grades 7 and 8, rather than coming to Runnymede as they currently do. This change is key to alleviating the overcrowding at our school, and is necessary for there to be space for full day kindergarten.
The construction of these additions must start by early Spring 2013. If the ministry doesn’t release the necessary funding, the following could happen when full day kindergarten is implemented:
  • Portables added to the small play spaces in our schools, leaving little room for children to play outside during recess and lunch.
  • Some students could be bussed outside of our Ward to schools where there IS room.
  • Gymnasium space could be turned into classroom space, thereby limiting the manner in which our children receive physical education.

We need as many signatures as possible, so please circulate this to your friends, family and neighbours who live in this neighbourhood. Our children deserve better. They deserve the opportunity to learn in spacious classrooms housed in well-maintained buildings, just like other students in the province.

Ready to sign the petition? Click here.  If you have any questions, please contact Krista Wylie.