Our lobbying pays off!! Funding released for Swansea and Keele Street school additions

Many of you took the time to sign the online petition lobbying the provincial government to release funding for building planned additions at Swansea and Keele Street public schools. We want to let you know that the funds were officially released today and these two additions will be built in our community. Great news all around!

For Runnymede P.S., the addition at Keele Street is particularly significant since it will allow students to stay at Keele until Grade 8. Currently, about 75 Keele Street students transfer to Runnymede for Grades 7 and 8 each year.

Thank you all for getting engaged and lobbying the government. We look forward to your continued interest and involvement as we get ready to accommodate Full Day Kindergarten at Runnymede in September 2014. So, please keep reading these emails and attending Council Meetings!

Click here for further details on the funding release.