Thank you for a fantastic year

Hope everyone is enjoying their (hot!) summer.
As a wrap-up to the council year…in 2012-2013, council raised more than $71,000 through fundraising and donations. Thank you for your generous contributions in all their forms!
Here are just some of the important ways your money benefitted your children and the school this past year (you can also see this in pie-chart form in the first edition of our Council Newsletter):
  • $18,700 towards the Teacher’s Resource Fund, which translates into $16 per student, for teachers to spend on in-class enrichment for our children this year. (e.g. Scientist in the School, digital cameras, resource rooks, butterfly larvae program)
  • $14,500 towards Arts Enrichment:  JK-Grade 3 students received 4 hours of professional art instruction and Grade 4-8 students continued to be offered amazing opportunities in Drama, Band and Strings that are only available at a handful of other TDSB schools.
  • $11,500 towards science and technology enrichment
  • $7,250 towards maintaining our incredible schoolyard and outdoor classroom
  • $5,500 towards the many extracurricular activities offered at Runnymede and the associated equipment/material costs, bussing and tournament costs.  Cross-country, football, softball, hockey, volleyball, badminton, chess club, glee club, and choirs are but a few of the activities your child may participate in during his/her time at Runnymede.
  • $4,000 towards our upcoming Centennial celebration and related activities
  • $2,000 towards library and class Borrow-a-Book programs
  • and $8,900 to other valuable things!