Welcome (back) to Runnymede!

The Runnymede School Council welcomes you (back!) to Runnymede. Our website is a great place for up-to-date information, so bookmark this site and visit it regularly.

We’ve assembled some valuable information for you as we start the new school year:

Other important information for the fall

Fundraising at Runnymede

Our simplified fundraising strategy was a success last year: we raised $71,542! So, this year we will do it again. Donation envelopes will be distributed in October for parents to return with a recommended per-child donation of $50. We thank you and look forward to your support of our simplified fundraising!

Additionally, the school receives a percentage of sales from QSP Magazines and Mabels Labels. If you need magazines, clothing or lunch box labels, please visit the school website homepage under Hot Topics to make your purchase and support the school at the same time!

Lost & Found Process

Lost & Found is located on the main floor outside of Room 126.  Please talk with your children about keeping track of their belongings but also please be aware that items can go missing through no fault of your child!  It will be easier to find lost items – especially lunch bags – if you label items with your child’s name and classroom number. Want to help with the Lost & Found? Please contact Juli Belliveau to help!