Thank you for another incredible Yard Day

A huge thank you to everyone who braved the rain for Saturday’s Yard Day and Welcome Back BBQ.
The group of approximately 50-60 volunteers accomplished a great deal of important work, including:
  • Critical removal of invasive species throughout the Hillside Garden
  • Significant weeding of the Kinder-Garden and Hillside Garden new planting area
  • Litter patrol and sweeping
  • Trimming to clear the overgrown trails
  • Hula hoop maintenance
Thank you to the Spirit Committee and the volunteers who added FUN to the event with:
  • Apple peeling
  • A great Fall Owl craft
  • Amazing face-painting
  • A delicious and much-needed and appreciated BBQ to end the morning of work (the hot dogs that did not get cooked today will be donated to a charitable food bank/kitchen which is great)
And thanks also to the volunteers who arranged for coffee and who brought baking to fuel the workers.
Our kids are incredibly lucky to have Runnymede’s gardens as part of their school experience, and it wouldn’t be possible without the families who volunteer their time for Yard Day.