Runnymede Robotics gets children excited about science and technology

Runnymede’s Robotics league is part of the world-wide robotics program partnered with FLL. 
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Each year our team is presented with a Challenge that takes many skills to complete. 
• The Robot itself requires kids who are good at mechanical building. 
• The Programming of the robot needs kids proficient with computer programming, logic and problem-solving. 
• The Project needs kids who can research, scrapbook and do oral presentations. 
• All participants must show the FLL Core Values (gracious professionalism, the importance of discovery over winning, and cooperation) at all times.
Interested in joining Runnymede’s Robotics league next year? 

We will be forming teams in September to get ready for the new Challenge release date. The kids meet often to prepare for the official FLL tournament hosted by the TDSB in early December. 

This spring/summer you could have fun and get ready for September. Here are some ideas:
Make your own story, game, or animation. Scratch is a site with free online programming similar to the one we use. There are tips, tutorials, and a “try it out” section with a step-by-step intro that is easy to follow.  Design your own program and post it!
Pull out those Lego Technic pieces from the basement and have fun building simple machines using gears, wheels, pulleys, beams, axles. For inspiration, see:
Start a summer journal. Make a journal out of cardboard or scrap paper. You could photograph your hobbies, sketch, draw comics, glue in movie stubs, score sheets.