Upcoming Vote for Ward 7 Trustee

Irene Atkinson, our Ward 7 Trustee for the past 40+ years, is retiring and there are seven candidates running to serve as our Trustee for the next four years.

With so many important issues facing the TDSB, casting informed votes in the Municipal Election on Monday October 27th is imperative.

Please visit our Ward 7 page for information on the Trustee role and what is expected of people who serve as Trustees.

And, finally, here are websites for each of the five trustee candidates:

Jeffrey Freeman

Robin Pilkey

Marcela Saitua

Linda Torry

Gordon Foster

Noel Kent

Jim Henderson

*Jeffrey Freeman, Robin Pilkey & Marcela Saitua were at the Colbeck crosswalk in June.  Gordon Foster was at the Colbeck crosswalk on September 11th. Linda Torry was at the Colbeck crosswalk on September 12th.