Two Upcoming Sessions: Empowering Independence and Helping Boys Learn

Empowering Independence with Alyson Schäfer
Tuesday, November 18th at Annette Public School @ 7:00 pm.

Why is it so hard to get our children to be punctual, do their chores and manage their school work without our constant nagging and supervision? Which of your behaviours are hindering you from transferring responsibility to your children? Learn the correct strategies to employ and keep kids accountable.

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Helping Boys Learn with Dr. Edmond J. Dixon
DATE CORRECTION: *Tuesday, November 25th* at High Park Alternative School (265 Annette) @ 6:45 pm.

Are you tired of watching your son *game* his life away? Are you pulling out your hair trying to get him to do homework? Have you given up altogether? We have the solution for you!

Learn about the 6 Secrets and how to apply them.   Change your son’s learning and life!