Should Grade 7 & 8 Students Be Moved From Runnymede?

There is a Grade Change Study that could result in grade 7 & 8 students being moved from Runnymede.  We want you to tell us what you think about it, and here’s how:

1. Parent Focus Group meeting
At this meeting eight Runnymede parents (selected by lottery) and two Parent Council members will have an in-depth discussion with TDSB Staff and Trustee Pilkey about the options available to us. There will be equal representation from the French and English streams.

If you have thoughts, opinions or ideas to share, please e-mail them to Parent Council Chair Dale Cadeau and Principal Dennis before the first focus group meeting on Monday January 11th.

2. Parent Council Meeting
Tuesday January 19 @ 7pm in the Senior Gym (babysitting available)
Our Ward 7 Trustee Robin Pilkey will attend our next Parent Council meeting to speak about the study.

We encourage every Runnymede parent to come to this meeting.  If you are unclear about what is proposed or what could happen and when, this is your chance to get information first hand.


The Grade Change Study is the most important issue affecting our children at Runnymede this year.  Please set aside some time this week to read and understand what is involved in the study.

Thank you
Dale Cadeau & Jackie Marrie
Parent Council