Runnymede Welcomes Alumni to Fun Fair!

Runnymede Jr & Sr Public School graduates of all ages are invited to attend the May 28th Fun Fair to celebrate our Centennial year.  Come out to this fantastic community event and reminisce about all the good times you had at Runnymede.

The kids games and activities at the Fun Fair are ticketed, but you can pre-order $15 wristbands for unlimited access to the Fun!
Alumni Invitation copy

3 thoughts on “Runnymede Welcomes Alumni to Fun Fair!

    1. Mike and I were best friends back then and we still are! I attended from 1962-1964.


  1. Just got the video from Heather Pegg on Runnymede’s Centennial celebration.
    I recognized Ron Chery, pitcher. Ron, you haven’t changed a bit; I was looking for someone older.
    I did run into Rick Fellman. He’s holding the wide end of the pennant and I’m holding the narrow end in the 1955 photo at the front doors of the school.
    Oddly enough, the only person from that team who I met was Rick in the library. The pennant (the embroidered one) was hanging from one of the bookshelves. Rick and I took it down and sat in 2 chairs holding the pennant just as we had done 61 years ago.
    Among other things, that made my day.
    I couldn’t stay for the whole celebration as my journey home is about 5 hours.
    P.S. I use my wife’s e-mail address. I don’t have a “c” in my name which is Jim.

    Great thanks to all who put this event in play. Thanks Heather. By the way, Heather, if you would like a photo of the 2 old guys holding the pennant, let me know.


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