Runnymede Success at the FIRST LEGO League Competition

The 2016-17 Runnymede Robotics team had an exciting competition at the TDSB’s FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Tournament in late December. The theme for 2016/17 was “Animal Allies”, and the teams chose to study species that live in High Park: the Coywolf and the Bee. Students wanted to research animals in our own ‘backyard’.

fll7With finished Bee and Coywolf projects in hand, both teams proudly presented their Executive Robot Summary describing their strategies for missions, their robot design and their unique programming.

They also completed a core value challenge and discussed where they used their core values (Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism®) this year. The coaches and mentors were proud to see the teams work together so seamlessly to finish some difficult core value games while respecting every individual, working as a team, and having fun.

fll3The Cyberbolts got callbacks for all of 3 of their presentations, and the Positive Vibes got 2 callbacks! During lunch, both teams worked hard to fine tune programs and rebuild attachments to be ready for the robot matches. They barely sat down to eat lunch!

At the end of the long day, we were proud to see our teams do so well. The Positive Vibes won “Most Inspirational Team” and the Cyberbolts won “Best Programming.”

The Cyberbolts placed 2nd out of 28 teams, and go on to the Provincial Championships!

Check out some of the incredible research our Runnymede teams have done by visiting their FLL website.

Runnymede’s FLL teams are possible because of parent volunteers working with sponsor teachers using funds allocated by Parent Council.

This amazing enrichment opportunity for Runnymede students happens because of your fundraising donations and parent volunteer hours – thank you!