Parent Council Vacancies for 2019/20

At Runnymede Public School we are very fortunate to have an active and thriving Parent Council.  Council is involved in many fun activities throughout the school year, whether they’re for fundraising or community-building.

help-wanted-2We cannot run a great Council without great parents!  At this time, we have a number of Council positions becoming vacant as the current members are reaching the end of their terms.

Below is a list of the available positions. We encourage you to consider a role, and please feel free to speak to the outgoing member, to get a better sense of what is involved.


Co-Chair, Parent Council
The Chair or Co-Chair(s) will be responsible for conducting all Council & Executive Council meetings; will report annually to the school community via the website, email and annual report; will be an ad hoc member of all Council committees; and will perform all other duties required of the office. The goal is to provide a respectful forum to discuss and address Council-relevant topics, to ensure meetings are conducted in a timely manner and to liaise with school administration.  We are seeking two Co-Chairs for the 2019-2020 school year
(Time commitment: 6-8 hours per month)
For more information, please speak to incumbents:  Anh Truong or J’bai Deschamps

Responsible for the handling of Council money, keeping accurate accounting records, expense reimbursements and payment to suppliers.  The Treasurer will prepare an annual budget, report on Council finances at each Council meeting, prepare and file annual reports and prepare charitable tax receipts.
(Time commitment: 4 to 12+ hours per month)
For more information, please speak to incumbent: Shirley Suurdt

Communications Committee Co-Chair
Communications works behind the scenes, keeping Runnymede parents up-to-date on what’s happening at school.  We run the website, e-mail program and produce the monthly newsletters.  We are seeking two (or more!) Co-Chairs who would be willing to lead the communications team next year.
(Time commitment: 6 hours per month)
For more information, please speak to incumbent: Ingrid Larsen

STEM Committee Co-Chair
Main role is to maintain and run current Science, Technology & Math initiatives at the school. This includes the Math Amazing Race and First Lego League.  Seek new initiatives where possible.  We are seeking one Co-Chair to work alongside Tasha Balla-Boudreau.
(Time commitment: 2 hours per month; 10 hours in June for Math Race)
For more information, please speak to incumbents: David Begleiter or Tasha Balla-Boudreau

Spirit Committee Co-Chair
Main Role is to manage all aspects of fund-raising programs, social events, solicit volunteers, and report to Exec & Council with summary of each event.  This is a busy role, and is currently run with two Co-Chairs.  We are seeking two Co-Chairs to lead the committee next year.
For more information, please speak to incumbents: Erin Meana or Allison Madigan

Yard Committee Co-Chair
Main role is to lead Eco/Nature and Recess related council initiatives at the school. This includes Yard Days (September/April), recess equipment distribution (Fall/Spring) and the Green Teacher Program (Fall/Winter/Spring). Seek new initiatives where possible, or where brought forward by parents/teachers. We are seeking one Co-Chair to work alongside Helen Williams.
(Time commitment: 6-8 hours per month; 10 hours in September and April.)
For more information, please speak to incumbents: Helen Williams or Sarah Frame 


Lost & Found Volunteer
Join a small team of parent volunteers who collect and sort lost items around school property.  At designated times (once per month) arrange for items to be donated to local charity.
(Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month)
For more information, please speak to coordinator: Anh Truong

Committee Members
All of our Parent Council committees welcome new members with great ideas and a willingness to help.  Meet fellow Runnymede parents and find an occasional role that matches the number of volunteer hours you have to give.  Read more about volunteering at the school here.

This is a school-wide callout for Parents to join any one of these roles.  You do not require experience; simply a desire to get involved and in return, you get to be part of a great team at your child’s school!

Thank you,

Chair Anh Truong
Co-Chair J’bai Deschamps