Thank you Runnymede!

Our School Community is as important as ever, and we hope everyone is healthy and safe during this extraordinary time.

As this school year comes to an end, School Council would like to extend a BIG thank you to:

Grade 8 students for 10 years of hard work at Runnymede. Congratulations; we wish we could send you off in person and are wishing you the best as you move on to High School!

Principal Hochberg along with Vice Principals Ms. Kahn-Fitzpatrick and Mr. Gelinas for their continued partnership and leadership during the remote learning time period; we will miss Ms. Kahn-Fitzpatrick next year and wish her all the best as the new Principal at Perth Avenue Public School.

All of the incredible, dedicated Runnymede Teachers and Staff for inspiring our students this year and for their dedication and creativity during this remote learning experience;

The amazing Runnymede caretakers for their continued efforts to make a 100-year old school work for 1,000+ students, even through a pandemic;

All School Council Members and Committees for spending countless hours working to raise money and deliver the enrichment programs our kids love;

All of the Parent Volunteers who donated their time in the classrooms, at pizza lunch, and all of the school events we were able to hold earlier this year;

To everyone who donated to School Council this year; your direct donation contributions totaled $53,000 this year!  There was also an overwhelming response to the School Council food drive in May with hundreds of pounds of food donations and $1500 raised for the daily bread food bank!

A special thank you and warm farewell to School Council member, Sarah Frame, who has been chairing the Green (Yard) Committee for 10 years and for spearheading the Runnymede Yard renovation project; Sarah’s efforts have made an enormous difference toward Runnymede’s outdoor spaces which enhance student’s experiences every day.  We will miss you!

Council’s Executive Committee included the following people this year:
Co-Chairs: Erin Meana and Andrea Santos
Treasurer: Helen Berhane
Secretary: Jessica Smith
Communications Chair: Carlos Santos
Spirit Committee Chairs: Alex Whately and Kira Goodman
STEM Chairs: Tasha Balla-Boudreau, David Begleiter and Anne-Marie Nowina
Green Chairs: Sarah Frame, Helen Williams, and Ryan Lockhart
Arts Chairs: Ivana Barbieri, Sabrina Musa, and Bianca Colle
Ward 7 Representative: Kathleen Hyatt

We encourage anyone who would like to be actively involved in council next year to consider joining the Executive Council.  It is a great way to learn more about Runnymede, work closely with teachers and administrators, be involved in important decisions that affect all students and work with some amazing, dedicated parents!  If you are interested, please contact: