The end to an extraordinary 2021/21 school year!

Thank you, Runnymede! 

This has been an extraordinary school year, to say the least, for all of our school community.  We truly appreciate the amount of effort, creativity and support that the Runnymede staff (teachers, ECE’s, support staff, office staff, caretakers, lunchroom supervisors, and administrators) has provided to our students this year.  We hope you will enjoy the video that the students (with some help from parents) put together to show our appreciation this year:

We wish our Grade 8 graduates all the best as they move on from Runnymede after years of hard work.  Congratulations! We wish we could send you off in person.

We also want to convey a special thank you to Principal Hochberg and wish him well as the new Principal of Maurice Cody Junior Public School.  He has made many positive changes at Runnymede over the past five years and we will miss his partnership and leadership. 

We welcome our new Principal, Ms. Deborah Zamin and Vice Principal, Mr. Jamie Price and look forward to working with them next year along with returning Vice Principal, Ms. Cherril George, to enhance and support the education of our Runnymede students.

And we hope all Runnymede families have a safe and healthy summer.  We look forward to seeing all of you in September for what we hope is a more stable school year.

Lastly, if you have concerns about a safe and stable education for the next school year, we recommend you look up Ontario Parent Action Network, a volunteer parent-based group that is organizing an education action day on July 24th in support of public education. Their work includes advocating for no hybrid classrooms, ventilation upgrades, and lower class sizes. Consider signing up to help with this initiative – kids are welcome too!

Runnymede School Council Executive

Council’s Executive Committee included the following people this year:
Co-Chairs: Erin Meana and Andrea Santos
Treasurer: Helen Berhane
Secretary: Jessica Smith
Communications Chairs: Carlos Santos and Liliana DaSilva
Spirit Committee Chairs: Alex Whately and Andrea Xia
STEM Chairs: Tasha Balla-Boudreau, David Begleiter and Anne-Marie Nowina
Green Chairs: Helen Williams and Ryan Lockhart
Arts Chairs: Ivana Barbieri, Sabrina Musa and Bianca Colle
Ward 7 Representative: Kathleen Hyatt

We encourage anyone who would like to be actively involved in their child(ren)’s education next year to consider joining School Council or even Executive Council. It is a great way to learn more about Runnymede, work closely with teachers and administrators, be involved in important decisions that affect all students and work with some amazing, dedicated parents!  If you are interested, please contact: