Annual Direct Donation Campaign

Please help support Runnymede students!

Each Fall, Parent Council asks Runnymede families to make a tax-deductible donation to the school in support of our children’s education.  Rather than having multiple fundraisers, the Direct Donation Campaign allows families to donate one time to fund Parent Council enrichment programs.

This year, in addition to funding the enrichment programs Runnymede students know and love, Parent Council is looking to make a major investment in Runnymede’s Technology Plan.

By the end of this school year we aim to equip every classroom with 5-6 devices, and have additional technology resources available to teachers.

Each TDSB supported device costs approx. $300, so we need everyone’s help to make this happen!

Why focus on Tech?

Technology in the classroom encourages teamwork, helps our kids view technology as a learning tool rather than a toy, and teaches them to become good digital citizens for the rest of their lives.

Our official campaign is over for this year, but if you missed it or would like to take advantage of an employer matching program, remember you can donate to Runnymede any time by following the link below.

There are two easy ways to donate:

  1. Donate online
  2. Donate by cheque (bring your cheque to the main office, fill out a donation envelope and drop it in the box).

Parent Council raises money each year to help fund many “extra” enrichment programs that make Runnymede such a great school.  To see more about the types of enrichment programs your donations support, please click on the appropriate link for your child below:

Thank you for supporting Runnymede’s Direct Donation Campaign!
Your donation is an investment in your child’s education!