Where to Go on the First Day of School

School starts next Tuesday! Find your classroom and entry door on the attached list, and check out this handy map that identifies where each grade should line up (click the image for a larger PDF version). Note: The Colbeck Yard will be CLOSED on Tuesday. Please access to the Adventure Yard from the north end of the school.

Rain Plan: If it is raining heavily on Tuesday, students should enter the school and go directly to their classrooms (look for volunteers at each of the doors for assistance)First Day Entry Map - 2011.

NOTE: Grade 2/3 splits will line up in the adventure playground.
Also look for these coloured signs:

  • Kindergarten: RED
  • Grade 1: YELLOW
  • Grade 2: DARK BLUE
  • Grade 3: PINK
  • Grade 4: GREEN
  • Grade 5: LIGHT BLUE
  • Grade 6: ORANGE