Peaceful Recess Project – Donations Wanted!

Starting in December, Runnymede will be participating in the ‘Peaceful Recess Project,’ designed to offer students a quiet, restful space to spend one recess period per week – so they can unplug and reset.

During their allotted recess time, students will be welcomed into the Peaceful Space by a caring adult. They’ll do a quiet, independent activity that relaxes them. There’s no talking, but there may be some soft music playing. Lights will be low and there will be very little stimulation. All these elements contribute to a feeling of calm, which students will hopefully carry with them for the rest of the day.

Like to support this project? Please consider donating:

  • Small clear twinkle lights, extension cords and power bars
  • Yoga mats
  • Playing cards
  • Bean bag chairs
  • Yoga or relaxation CDs
  • Small puzzles, quiet mind games/mazes
  • Plants
  • Mindfulness colouring pages/books
  • Markers

Please have your child bring donations to Mrs. Wawrow’s office. Dates and classroom locations to follow.

Runnymede Road Safety Audit Update


doucetteLast March, Councillor Sarah Doucette along with her staff Andrea Fresolone, and Transportation Services, came to Runnymede PS to chat with parents and to listen to our specific concerns about improving road safety around our school.

Several issues were discussed, including:

  • Vehicles parking in no parking zones and in school bus zones
  • Improved signage and awareness of where to park during dropoff and pickup
  • Traffic calming zones around the school perimeters
  • Additional school zone signage
  • Traffic studies at major school intersections, to determine if traffic lights are needed.

Attached is the most recent update from Councillor Doucette regarding these initiatives.

safety-update-20171.pngWe want to hear your feedback!  Do you have thoughts or suggestions about improving road safety around Runnymede?  Email

School Yard Issues: Strollers, Pets and Parking!

Parking & Drop Off

no parking.jpg

Drop-off should be in the designated parking area on Runnymede Rd. only.

For the safety of our children, please do not park, idle or drop off in off-limits locations such as:

  • The staff parking lot
  • The designated school bus zone on Runnymede Rd.
  • The designated city bus zone on Runnymede Rd.


Please keep strollers parked well away from student line-up areas and entrance ways. Morning, afternoon and lunch dismissal are very busy times at Runnymede and students need to find their way quickly and safely.

Dogs (and other pets) on School Property

Dogs and other pets are permitted on school property only for special programs or with prior approval by the Principal. Please do not bring dogs to the schoolyard during pick-up, drop-off or school hours.

School Yard Reminders:

  • After school, please ensure your child(ren) are supervised by an adult and stay off the turf field so that various school teams and clubs can safely practice.

  • Before and after school, please ensure your child(ren) are playing safely on school property. For example children should not be climbing trees or throwing crab apples.

Curriculum Night Details

Curriculum Night is on Thursday September 14th!

It is a chance for parents & guardians to meet their child(ren)s teacher and gain an understanding of the classroom program and structure for the school year.

Rotary teachers will be available throughout the evening in their classrooms.  Classroom locations will be posted throughout the main floor of the school.

Babysitting will not be provided during this event.  You may choose to attend with or without your children.

Here is a schedule of events:

Time Event Location
5:45-6:00pm Technology Presentation:
Come hear more about our joint Admin – Teacher – Parent Council tech vision for the school
In the library
6:00-6:30 Homeroom Presentations In your child’s classroom
6:40-7:10 Homeroom Presentations In your child’s classroom
6:00 -7:30 Rotary Teachers Available In their classrooms
Locations will be posted
5:45-7:30 Parent Council Bake Sale & Tshirt Sale Outside the Main Office

Back To School Checklist:

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