Direct Donation FAQ

Our fundraising survey last Spring clearly showed us that families have many questions, and there are many myths about fundraising. We are going to try to dispel the myths and address the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. 

q Is this really a one-time ask? I feel like I am sending money to school for all kinds of things!

aThere are many requests for money from the school, but some are fundraising-based and some are not, so we wanted to help clarify. While Direct Donation and Pizza Lunch are both fundraisers, here are examples of other categories of monetary requests from the school that are not related to Parent Council fundraising:

  • Field Trips – Field trips are organized by and at the discretion of the teacher on a class-by-class basis.  They are not related to Parent Council or fundraising. It is worth noting that Parent Council does allocate funds to a Field Trip Bursary each year, for families who are not able to afford some field trips.
  • School Cash Online – The new School Cash Online system is for expenses related directly to the school (agendas, locks, etc) and is not linked to Parent Council or fundraising in any way.
  • Other Events that Cost Money – Things like the Hot Lunch Program, food sales at Movie Night, Curriculum Night & Nuit Orange, and Pub Night ticket sales are additional asks for money (but they are totally optional). These proceeds only contribute a small amount to the overall dollars raised at Runnymede and are opt-in.
  • School and Class Fundraising Projects – Throughout the course of the year the school as a whole, or individual classes may undertake fundraising initiatives to benefit charitable organizations (e.g., Terry Fox Run, Water First, etc). These are teacher and student-led and are not related to Parent Council fundraising. 

We thought it might be helpful to show how the money is raised and where it goes:

how is money raised

(Click to enlarge)

q What about Equity across the TDSB – shouldn’t we be fundraising for a school in need?

a Equity within the TDSB is something that has been discussed many times at Parent Council. In 2018, we created the Runnymede Fun Run as a new event to raise funds for another school and because of its success it continued in 2019 and is planned again for June 2020.  The TDSB school that will receive this year’s funds has not yet been selected. If you are interested in being on the Fun Run team and helping to select the school for next year, please contact us:

We thought it might also be helpful to provide some information regarding the TDSB Location Opportunity Index (LOI) policy which is in place to address inequity across the Board.  The LOI ranks each school based on measures of external challenges affecting student success. The school with the greatest level of external challenges is ranked number one and is described as highest on the index. Public education is designed to give all children an equal opportunity to succeed. The TDSB recognizes that students face varying degrees of challenge which can impact their opportunity to achieve high educational outcomes. Educational research has demonstrated that children from lower income families face more significant barriers in achieving high educational outcomes. Because of its commitment to achieving equitable academic opportunities, the TDSB wants to ensure that every student has an equitable opportunity to succeed. This means ensuring all students have access to available resources. The LOI helps to ensure that children who have access to fewer resources at home and in their neighbourhoods have increased access to available resources in their schools. The LOI will assist with steering additional resources to the schools serving students who face greater challenges. Runnymede ranks 455 out of 471 Elementary Schools in the TDSB.

We wanted to note that you can also write a cheque to any TDSB school of your choice any time you choose.  Each school has its own website with contact information, so if you know of a school in need, please reach out to them to make your donation.  We’re sure it will be appreciated!

q I thought “public education” was paid for with my tax dollars. Why are you asking me for fundraising money when the Provincial government should be funding my child’s education?

a While all schools in the TDSB are publicly funded by the Provincial government, the reality is that those funds simply do not cover all of the programs and expenses that are offered at Runnymede. Our school has an established history and tradition of a strong partnership between the Staff and Parent Council, and this includes fundraised dollars that are provided to the school each year. For example, each year, Parent Council provides approximately $15,000 to the Teacher Resource Fund, providing each teacher with an additional $300 in discretionary funds for their classroom. Parent Council has also contributed significant funds towards the play structures and outdoor spaces at the school, to replacing obsolete technology, and to new equipment for the Music and Drama programs.  And while fundraised dollars can only be used for certain items, because Parent Council provides funding for technology, Arts, play and recess equipment, etc., the School can use its allocated budget for textbooks, teacher training, and many other resources it wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

Our school is counting on your support!
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 Thank you to the many Runnymede families who have already made their contribution.

Curriculum Night 2019

Curriculum Night is on Thursday September 12th!

It is a chance for parents & guardians to meet their child(ren)s teacher and gain an understanding of the classroom program and structure for the school year.

Rotary teachers will be available throughout the evening in their classrooms.  Classroom locations will be posted throughout the main floor of the school, and are attached below.

Babysitting will not be provided during this event.  You may choose to attend with or without your children.

Here is a schedule of events:

Time Event Location
5:30-6:00pm Kindergarten Session #1 In your child’s classroom
6:00-6:30pm Gr 1-8 Homeroom Presentations
/  Kindergarten Session #2
In your child’s classroom
6:40-7:10pm Gr 1-8 Homeroom Presentations In your child’s classroom
7:15 -7:30pm Rotary Teachers Available In their classrooms
Locations will be posted
5:45-7:30 Parent Council Bake Sale Outside the Main Office

Here are the teaching assignments, to help you find your child’s classroom:

2019-20 Teaching Assignments and Classrooms

🍪 Calling all Bakers! 🧁

We need just 10-12 more volunteers to bake/prepare & bring in a NUT-FREE contribution for this Thursday’s Curriculum Night Bake Sale. 🥧
Image may contain: food

Please sign up to bring an item at this link:

or email Julie T at

Remember that many parents are rushing to Curriculum Night straight from work & appreciate being able to grab a quick bite.

Some ideas other than cakes & cookies?

🍕Mini pizzas, samosas, 🥕veggie cups, 🍇fruit cups, 🧀cheese & cracker plates, 🥐croissants.

Get your kids involved! They would love to see their nut-free treats for sale on the Bake Table

Welcome Back 2019, From Principal Hochberg

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the 2019 / 2020 school year! Our staff is looking forward to sharing many enriching learning opportunities in the months ahead. The beginning of each school year is always an exciting time as students develop new friendships and reacquaint with old friends. It is also a time when our teachers review the rules and routines and assist their students in setting goals for the school year: all of which are important tools to set them up for success.

Our office staff (Ms. Waicus, Ms. Roberts, and Ms. McCrimmon), our Caretaking Staff, and our Teachers have been working tirelessly to ensure that the school is ready for the first day.

In order for each student to reach their full potential, it is important that we work in
partnership and emphasize open communication between home and school. Although we are one of the biggest schools in the TDSB, we value each individual student, and support each family to meet the needs of your children. Our teachers will communicate with you throughout the school year on an on-going basis. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you need information to support your child. Parents are encouraged to follow the TDSB parent concern protocol if any issues of concern arise.

While teachers at Runnymede do have high academic expectations, they also focus on social skills, learning skills, mental health and well-being. Our teachers also imbed multiple layers of character development in their programming. To do their part, it is very important that students make an effort to develop positive relationships with one another, and arrive to class on-time and ready to learn.

Staffing Update – We welcome the following staff who will be starting assignments at
Runnymede PS as of Tuesday, September 3, 2019:

Room 111 – Grade 1/2 F.I.- Mme A. Ceni
Room 239 – Grade 2 F.I. – Mr. Tsilfidis (O.T.)
Room 352 – 5A F.I. English – Mr. L. Rose (O.T.)
Room 126 B – ECE – Ms. J. Austin (O.T.)
Room B82 – ECE – Ms. Costanzo (O.T.)
Head Caretaker – Mr. Julio Silva

Over the summer, the School Board has had contractors working on updating the air conditioning unit in the Library, installing a new air conditioning unit in the Senior Gymnasium, and working on the South Parking Area (Adjacent to the front doors of the school) to ensure it is a safer walk-way for our community to get to and from the Kindergarten Adventure Yard. If this work is not completed by the start of school, Kindergarten children and their parents/guardians can enter the Adventure Playground using the Colbeck stairs or via the school’s North entrance between the senior wing and the portables.

We encourage parents to get involved in the activities that take place at Runnymede. The best way to be involved is through school council. Our first school council meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 25th at 6:30 in the Library. Curriculum night is scheduled for Thursday September 12th, 2019. More details to follow.

Please register on-line for our cashless payment system. All payments for any purchases or activities must be made through the online system. Teachers will no longer be collecting any money. The link to register is:

Please see the below diagram for our first day routines.

Reminder: Runnymede PS has many students with life threatening allergies. Please be mindful when packing snacks and lunches for school. Any food that contains tree nuts or peanuts is prohibited in snacks or lunches. Please do not send any treats to your child’s classroom without the permission of the classroom teacher.

The first day of school is very busy, and we do our utmost to have all students in the building promptly to start the day. Our staff will be focused on ensuring that all students are accounted for and settled in their classrooms. Our teachers will not be able to engage in long discussions this first morning as their focus will be on your children. Thank you for your understanding.

On behalf of the Runnymede PS Staff, best wishes for a successful school year,

Rob Hochberg        Luc Gélinas               Waheeda Khan-Fitzpatrick
Principal                 Vice Principal           Vice Principal

Entry Map 2019

Parenting Talk – Tackling Anxiety & Stress

Tackling Anxiety and Stress Through Arts and Mindfulness

Parent Council is thrilled to welcome Jennifer Kay from Arts Express to Runnymede PS!

Please join fellow Runnymede parents as we learn more about equipping our children – and ourselves – with strategies for reducing anxiety and stress through mindfulness and the arts.

Wednesday March 20th, 2019, 6:00-7:00pm
Parent Council meeting to follow at 7:00pm


Runnymede PS flyer

Funding has been generously provided by a PRO (Parents Reaching Out) Grant.