Regulation 274

The Ontario government has introduced Regulation 274, which forces school principals to prioritize seniority over quality and suitability in the teacher hiring process. Parents, teachers and administrators alike want this regulation revoked. Please read these attachments for more information:

Please consider emailing the Premier and Minister of Education expressing your concerns. Here is a sample email:

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Dear Premier and Minister of Education,

I am on the school council/a parent at Runnymede Public School. As you and I know, Regulation 274 will seriously damage the quality and suitability of teachers hired and thereby hurt our students. This Regulation also creates unreasonable administrative and managerial problems for all principals and school boards across the province.

The issue of favouritism is a red herring which can be eliminated by school boards having an oversight process and providing certain hiring information to the relevant union.

Please get rid of Regulation 274 as soon as possible!

Best regards,
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