Curriculum Night, From Principal Hochberg

This years Meet the Teacher night will take place on Thursday September 15th.

Meet the Teacher is a chance for parents / guardians to meet their child(rens) teachers and gain an understanding of the classroom program and structure for the school year. Rotary teachers will be available throughout the evening in the Library.  We will post classroom locations throughout the main floor of the school.

Babysitting will not be provided during this event.  You may choose to attend with or without your children.

Here is a schedule of events:

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2 thoughts on “Curriculum Night, From Principal Hochberg

  1. Thanks, Mr. Hochberg, we are looking forward to Curriculum night. Can you please let us know which classroom presentations will be in which time slot, or is each teacher giving the same presentation twice to facilitate families with multiple children?


    1. I have confirmed with Principal Hochberg:
      Each teacher will be doing the same presentation twice, in their own classrooms.
      Once in the 6:00-6:30 time slot, and once in the 6:40-7:10 time slot.
      In between or after you can meet the rotary teachers in the library.


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