Runnymede Hot Lunch Info

rose-reismanParent Council is pleased to announce that starting on Tuesday February 21st, Rose Reisman Kids Lunch will be providing nutritious, warm, home-cooked meals to Runnymede students!

Meals will be cooked from scratch in their catering kitchen, individually packaged and labelled, then delivered to your child in their lunchroom or classroom.

You can order online from a selection of healthy meals, all served with a side of fruits or vegetables.

Healthy, nutritious hot meals for your kids, and a weekly break from packing lunch for you!


1. When will the hot lunch program start?
The first day of meal service will be Tuesday February 21st. Lunches will be offered once per week (Tuesdays) until school ends in June.  This is a trial run, and we’ll collect feedback in June to assess frequency and options for next year.

2. Who can participate?
It is available to all students, from JK – grade 8.

3. Does my child have to participate?
No, it is completely optional.

4. How much will it cost?
Meals range in cost from $4.75-$7.75 including a side fruit or vegetable. For big appetites, there are add-ons or larger sized meals.

5. How did you choose the vendor – Rose Reisman Kids Lunch?
A feasibility review was done with several companies, resulting in a shortlist of two vendors.  Both vendors did a brief presentation to Parent Council on Jan. 26th including food samples.  Council members were surveyed on various criteria: taste, quality, menu choices, company philosophy and waste management. In every category, Rose Reisman Kids Lunch(RRKL) was the overwhelming favourite.

6. I am concerned about nutrition. Will the food be healthy?
Healthy food was the #1 criteria cited by parents at the Council meeting.
Rose Reisman is a Registered Nutritional Consultant and the company’s food is prepared from scratch, never processed, with local/sustainable ingredients where possible.
RRKL has been approved by the TDSB as a hot lunch provider and will follow PPM150 guidelines for nutrition. Ingredient lists are available by e-mailing

7. Is the menu the same every week?
Yes, but there are many options to choose from including vegetarian and gluten-free meals.  The menu will be refreshed in April.

8. My child has food allergies, can these be accommodated?
All food is prepared in a nut-free and tree-nut-free facility.
Gluten-free and dairy-free choices are available, and other allergies and food restrictions can be accommodated.  RRKL will provide a Food Allergy/Modification form if requested and discuss your concerns at any time.

9. What will be done with the garbage/waste from these meals?
To comply with our Eco School philosophy and Boomerang lunches, each lunch will be distributed in a reusable lunch bag. RRKL collects and sterilizes the lunch bags for reuse, and takes all packaging & leftovers back to their kitchen for recycling.
The only garbage generated will be from utensils and container lids.

10. Do I have to send any food on Tuesdays?
Yes, you still need to send morning & afternoon snacks and a water bottle.
Drinks will not be offered on the menu, to avoid spills and messes in our busy lunchrooms.

11. What if my child is sick on Tuesday? Do I get a refund on my child’s meal?
If you email by 8 am on Tuesday, your account will be credited.

12. When/how do I sign up?
All ordering is done online at Before setting up your account, read the step-by-step instructions here to ensure a smooth signup!  Our password is RPS39.
Runnymede Hot Lunch Day will be Tuesdays. Orders must be in by midnight the Sunday before (or order all meals in advance if you’d prefer).

13.  How do I pay?
Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

14. My child isn’t interested right now, can he/she sign up later?
You can sign up at any time and no minimums are required, so you can even order this week, and skip the next.

15. What if I have questions?
Please send your questions directly to:  Any questions regarding ingredients, allergies, deadlines, etc. will be promptly handled by Rose Reisman’s staff, not the school office.  If you would like to provide feedback or send a suggestion to Parent Council about the program you can e-mail