Year-end Gifts for Teachers…think local, shop local!

If a parent from your child’s class is collecting for a group gift, please consider supporting our local businesses.  Or…if you plan to purchase your own gift, please also consider buying local.  Community businesses are what make Bloor West Village so charming!  We are fortunate to have great shops to walk to.  These businesses are first to step up and help out Runnymede when we ask for donations/contributions for various events. We can reciprocate wherever possible and help keep these businesses thriving!  If you go in to make a purchase for a teacher, please let them know you are from Runnymede PS!

Here’s the list of vendors:
Book City
JC Salon (pedicures/manicures for teachers)
Fat bastard
Good Fork
Max’s market (gift certificate etc)
Mad Mexican
Chocolate Delight
Peg Rolls (on Jane St.)

This is just a small list; if you think of another vendor/business, please let me know!

On another note, we have all recently had the pleasure of attending school concerts, so let’s not forget…our music teachers, Drama teachers, Gym teachers and others who work hard to ensure the students receive a great curriculum.  It might be nice to recognize them also; often these rotary teachers can get overlooked.  We also have a hard-working team in the front office, Library, Caretakers etc.  A few words of thanks go a long way to show appreciation.

Thank you for your consideration.

Dale Cadeau
Parent Council