Fall Yard Day is this Saturday!

Join Us for Fall Yard Day, 9 am – 12:00 pm

Runnymede families are welcome to come and join in this great RPS tradition!

What is Fall Yard Day?
It is a school-based “community clean-up” morning where we weed and tidy the nature gardens/outdoor classroom at the school. We’ll collect litter, trim invasive plants and weeds, sweep and tidy. And to make it fun there are activities planned for the kids too! Apple peeling, and a nature craft will be set up in the Adventure Yard (rear of school). We’ll also have nut-free baking snacks to share, and coffee for the grown ups!  Stop by for an hour to help out, or come for the whole morning!

What should I bring to Fall Yard Day?
You can bring a broom, gardening snips, nut-free baking to share, and reusable coffee cups and water bottles. We will have some gardening tools on-hand, as well as gardening gloves that you can borrow.

Yard Day 2019

Celebrate Fall and Back-to-School with Fall Yard Day!

2018 Yard Day.png

What is Yard Day?

Yard Day happens twice a year at Runnymede P.S. (Spring/Fall).

It is a family-friendly, community clean-up event where we maintain and tidy the Hillside Nature Garden at the school to get it ready for lots of wonderful outdoor learning. Everyone is welcome, including Runnymede students, parents, grandparents and siblings!

At Fall Yard Day our primary tasks are litter patrol, weeding and removal of invasive species. The event runs from 9:00am – noon, on Saturday, September 22nd. You can stop by for an hour, or help out for the whole morning!

What can kids do at Yard Day?

There are lots of fun activities for kids.  At Fall Yard Day, kids enjoy helping out with litter patrol, and trimming plants.  There will also be a Fall nature craft, apple peeling, and a nature scavenger hunt.

What can I bring to Yard Day?

  • Garden snips
  • Garden gloves
  • Brooms
  • Reusable water bottle/coffee cup
  • Nut-free baking to share on our snack/coffee table

How can I help with Yard Day?

If you would like to help plan Yard Day, please contact the Yard Committee parent volunteers at: runnymedeyard@gmail.com

Spring Yard Day​: April 28th!​

Yard Day 2018 updatedNote New Date!  Saturday April 28th

Help tidy up the school’s Nature Garden ​and get it ready for ​spring outdoor learning! Bring the whole family out for Yard Day and Earth Day on April 28th from 9am – noon.

  • Help spread a ‘Mountain of Mulch’ onto the Nature Garden’s trails
  • Celebrate Earth Day with our Kids’ Book Swap​ (bring a book and take one home​)!​
  • “Plant” some live worms in the Nature Garden
  • Do a nature craft!

What is Yard Day?
It​’s​ a fun, family friendly event that brings the school community together to clean up our nature garden and the schoolyard. In addition to the yard work, we’ve got fun spring-themed​/Earth Day​ kids’ activities planned.

Who should come?
Runnymede ​f​amilies! Yard Day is for students, parents, teachers and staff​.​

What should I bring?
It would help to bring things like:

  • B​uckets
  • S​hovels
  • ​W​heelbarrow
  • N​ut-free baking
  • R​e-usable coffee cups and water bottles​ (to re-fill on-site if you get thirsty)​
  • ​L​ots of energy to help with the work!

​Hope to see you at Yard Day!

More questions?

Get in touch at runnymedeyard@gmail.com

Great Fall Eco-Learning Happening Here at Runnymede PS!

Despite the fact that there was no Fall Yard Day community event this year (due to construction and permit issues) the Yard Committee had a very busy fall in the schoolyard.

1) The Green Teacher program allowed classes to enjoy the long, beautiful fall with some outdoor exploration and learning.

image-1Grade 2 classes studied basic animal needs (water, air, shelter, food) in the Hillside Garden.

Grade 4 classes created ecologist notebooks and learned about living and non-living parts of an ecosystem and more.

Grade 6 classes explored the concept of biodiversity in their very own schoolyard and nature garden. They did a “biodiversity blitz” to identify and classify canopy tree species.

The Green Teacher will return for winter sessions in early 2017…

image-1-12) The school Green Team and Yard Committee volunteers planted special bulbs to commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday in 2017. These bulbs were provided to Runnymede via the Eco-School Program and we look forward to seeing them at the front of the school next spring.

fullsizerender-23) The Yard Committee organized a Saturday morning of construction work to build some much-needed retaining walls in the Hillside Garden. Thank you to the parent and student volunteers who helped out with this task. We look forward to maintaining the nature garden with the entire Runnymede community at Spring Yard Day 2017.

Want to get involved?
Contact us at runnymedeyard@gmail.com to volunteer with any of these initiatives!