School Yard Issues: Strollers, Pets and Parking!

Parking & Drop Off

no parking.jpg

Drop-off should be in the designated parking area on Runnymede Rd. only.

For the safety of our children, please do not park, idle or drop off in off-limits locations such as:

  • The staff parking lot
  • The designated school bus zone on Runnymede Rd.
  • The designated city bus zone on Runnymede Rd.


Please keep strollers parked well away from student line-up areas and entrance ways. Morning, afternoon and lunch dismissal are very busy times at Runnymede and students need to find their way quickly and safely.

Dogs (and other pets) on School Property

Dogs and other pets are permitted on school property only for special programs or with prior approval by the Principal. Please do not bring dogs to the schoolyard during pick-up, drop-off or school hours.

School Yard Reminders:

  • After school, please ensure your child(ren) are supervised by an adult and stay off the turf field so that various school teams and clubs can safely practice.

  • Before and after school, please ensure your child(ren) are playing safely on school property. For example children should not be climbing trees or throwing crab apples.