Thank You Runnymede!


As the 2017-2018 school year comes to an end, Parent Council would like to extend a BIG thank you to:

Principal Mr. Hochberg along with Vice Principals Ms. Wawrow and Ms. Kahn-Fitzpatrick for implementing new initiatives for our kids. We will miss Ms. Wawrow greatly, but wish her the best at her new school!

All of the incredible, dedicated Runnymede teachers for inspiring our students this year;

The amazing Runnymede caretakers for their non-stop efforts to make a 100-year old school work for 1,000+ students;

Grade 8 students for 10 years of hard work at Runnymede. Congratulations;

Parent Council Committee Chairs for spending countless hours working to deliver the enrichment programs our kids love;

All of the Parent Volunteers who donate their time in classrooms, at pizza lunch, and on council committees;

And to everyone who donated to Parent Council this year; your contributions totaled $85,000! Here is a quick snapshot of Runnymede’s 2017-2018 budget:

Lion Budget Notes2.png